Wahoo for Labor Deals!

It’s been a little while since Major League Baseball’s labor deal was finalized, but I’ve been grinning about it pretty much ever since (hey, the stuffing probably helped with the grin too).  Today, with all the NBA stuff, I got to thinking about it again.  This labor deal pretty much guarantees peace and justice- that is, uninterrupted labor- for five more years which is, of course, perfectly fabulous.

 There are also things like more HGH testing, more instant replay, more wild cards, more flying pigs, more playoffs, more All Star Game and more international drafting.   Plus better helmets which are ever so slightly silly looking, but hopefully safer.  Insert Rawlings plug here.  (Hint: one fallacy in that list, by the way, while everything else is correct.  Can you spot it?)

Let’s take it bit by bit:

 I am all for more HGH testing although the word is that their strategy is flawed at best, which I don’t doubt.  Still, it is, perhaps, a move in the right direction.

I am all for more instant replay, as long as they design some fantastic, innovation way of doing it fast.  I am not willing to sit around an extra 45 minutes for instant replay like we inevitably end up doing currently.

I am torn on more All Star Game stuff.  Making the players play it, that is.  I understand the intent and basically agree with it, but I have to wonder if maybe some better singers to do the National Anthem or something would be more effective.  Suckering the players into doing something they don’t want to won’t make it more fun.  Making it more fun will, you know?  Selig et al. need some lessons in throwing a party.

I am intrigued by the international draft idea.  I haven’t read up on it extensively, so there may be problems I’m not foreseeing, but it seems like it would be good.  Real good.

I am against all the extra wildcards and expanded playoffs.  I am getting all sleepy just thinking about it.  Surely we have enough wildcards and playoffs.  And if they want to do something about the wildcards, maybe they could get on the whole making-it-actually-wild deal?  You think?

In other news, the Giants are severely delusional as to their importance in the cycle of the world and the planets.  As Willy Wonka would say, “Nobody cares!”  Actually, I think he said, “I don’t care!” but we can just universalize it, right?  Right.

Diamond Girl

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