Let’s Talk B-Craw, Shall We?

Brandon Crawford- aside from the whole looking-like-Zac-Efron-thing – is the kind of guy you want to like from minute uno.  His first Major League hit being a massive grand slam doesn’t hurt either.  So I like B-Craw and I am perfectly happy with seeing him at shortstop when I look into my semi-distant-future crystal ball.  But when I look into my not-so-distant-future crystal ball and see him?  Hm.  Not necessarily so happy.

But sources (who may or may not be the writer’s big-mouthed relative posing as a source) say that Sabean et al. are looking around for shortstop option cautiously but like Crawford as a candidate.

My “hm” just became a “hmmmm”.

It’s not like I’m pressing a knife to anyone’s back to sign a shortstop to a million and one year deal.  At some point, hopefully soon, Crawford will be ready for the bright lights and all that, I’m just not really willing to trust to that personally.

Would O-Cab be better?  Nah.  That is, no.  But there mightbeprobablyis someone out there who could fill the role nicely, because I’m just not read to put a whole lot of faith in Crawford.   While his defense is bee-yoo-tah-ful, he batted .204 last year and was somewhat dismal at more than a few points.

I have one eyebrow raised and my fingers crossed, behind my back.

(Fun fact about me: I once had a clam named Spock.  He lived for, oh, 24 hours?  Don’t call Animal Control, please.  We gave him a rocking name, if nothing else.)

Anyhow, maybe me and Sabean would get along after all.  We seem to have eerily similar feelings about them young players.

This is creeping me out.  No, Brian has not taken over my body and is now operating as me.  But I should probably go now and wash my hands anyway.

Diamond Girl

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