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Enough With the Yankee Bashing, People!

When talking about another baseball team- one you’re not a fan of- there’ s this sense of walking on eggshells, almost.   The national writers, the civilized fans, everyone, really just does their best to be courteous and cryptic when criticizing.  I mean, even within the Giants-Dodgers rivalry people basically stick to it.

But bring the slightest hint of pinstripes into the equation?  And all hell breaks loose.

It’s suddenly perfectly acceptable to be snide, rude and personal attacks are lauded by everyone else.

Look, I get to the whole underdog thing, I really do.  I see, from that perspective, I guess, why people would want the Tigers to beat the Yankees.  But what really warrants saying, “I don’t root for any team in MLB, but I always enjoy the moment the #yankees are eliminated.”  (That one came from @JeffFletcher1, editor of the A’s and Giants magazines, who, other than his Yankee bashing, is totally great.)  And that’s exactly my point.  People who try not to have allegiances or be impartial can still loathe the Yankees and be perfectly public about it.

And I really don’t get it.

Partially, I think, that’s because I’ve always basically liked the Yanks myself.  The Core Four are undeniably loveable, A-Rod is mega-fun to watch (more on that later, Roid-ers) and, yes, they’re payroll is super high.  But in the end, if they do well, it’s because they were smart as an organization and earned it.  Money can’t really buy success, in baseball and begrudging a team for being rich just seems backwards to me.

Fact is, Granderson, Cano and Gardener (among others) are really vibrant and tons of fun to watch.  They play baseball the right way, if you will, and I don’t understand hating on them for a little detail like the name on the front of their uniforms.

And then there is A-Rod, of course.  There seem to be very few Rodriguez fans out there, but I am one, actually.  I get the whole steroid thing and despise that as much as the next person, but I think plenty of people have done/are doing them.  He’s become something of a scapegoat, because of how good he is, probably.  But what I really hear is people picking on his persona, on the fact that he has dated Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz et al.  That weirds me out because though he does have a bit of a celebrity persona, he doesn’t court that.  Compared to, say, the obnoxious, attention-begging persona of Brian Wilson, what is A-Rod?  I don’t think he’s a role model or a perfect guy, by any stretch of the imagination.  But at this point I basically respect him and enjoy watching him.  I think I get why everyone hates him, but I disagree with it.

Today, there was this article from one of my favorite writers, Mychael Urban of, titled “A-Rod the Nimrod”, which was basically 200 words to say, We hate him.  Plenty of other people, who have never even had an injury history, pull the injury card and no one breathes a word.  

I know that the Yankees are hated and that’s history and I’m not going to change anyone’s opinions.  And that’s okay.  But whatever happened to civility, people?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am not in the habit of dedicated posts but this one goes out to The Person Who Wanted Me To Write This.  You know who you are and I will never let anyone pick on the Yankees around you again.

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Three Game Fives! Plus Gloomy, Apocalypse-Is-Coming Stares

Guess what, people?  (If you guessed that Apple is in mourning you would be right, but wrong.  Right because it’s true, but wrong because that’s not at all what I meant.)  There’ll be three game fives this year for only the third time in MLB history (others were, in case you’re a geek and you’re wondering, 1981 and 2001)!  Yankees/Tigers will fight it out tonight and tomorrow all the National League stuff will be decided.

Yep, I’m seriously considering heating up my flatiron for the occasion.  All this drama necessitates some stress-relief and what better stress relief than roasting my hair within an inch of its life?   I think that came out sounding weirder than I meant for it to.

Anyhow, stress aside, I’m really totally stoked about all these games.  Around the league, and this may just be me, this season felt a bit lackluster so it figures and is awesome that these playoffs have been nothing short of thrilling.  Just good baseball all around, you know?  It’s been tons of fun to check the scores as the games progress, because I really genuinely have no idea which way they’ll all go.

I’ve also really been surprised by the fight the Diamondbacks have put up.   I mean, I still think the Brewers are going to take this, hands down (I know, jinx alert!) but I had this belief during the regular season that Arizona was a world-class fluke and would be crushed out of the playoffs at the first chance anyone got but apparently that was irrational.  I will say now with a gloomy, apocalypse-is-coming stare that I was wrong and they really have something going.  And (repeats the gloomy stare) that it’s pretty great that they overcame all the last place predictions and took the division.

All that said, BrewCrew f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  And I’m glad Texas clinched earlier.  Because as much as stress gives me good hair, four game fives would have been a little much.  Thank you, Rangers.  For preserving what is left of my sanity.  You rock.  And so do the playoffs.

Diamond Girl

p.s. In other news, Timmy likes to trash nice apartments and then deny he did it.  Huh.

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5 Things I Am Loving About the Playoffs

For whatever reason, the playoffs bring out the non-verbal barbarian in me, so…

5.  This.  Antlers.

4.  This.  Beltre.

3.  This.  Brauny.

2.  This.  Verlander.

1.  This.  Granderson.

Diamond Girl

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99 Bottles of Ginger Ale on the Clubhouse Wall

Yes, it’s in honor of the Rangers clinching a spot in the ALCS.  Yes, I’ll be embarrassed if I hear that they didn’t actually do the ginger ale thing this year.  Yes, that’s actually 99 and I counted.  And no, Canada Dry did not sponsor this post.

Cheers, y’all!

Diamond Girl

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The Verdict, So Far

My accidental blogging vacation (read:  I was sleeping all weekend and forgot to write anything) is over and the playoffs and their pumpkin/cinnamon/cranberry scent are gaining steam.  And yes, making me hungry.   All things considered, it’s going pretty well, from my perspective.  As it stands:

Milwaukee leads series again Arizona, 2-0

Verdict:  Very good!  Awesome!  Fantastic!  And other words of a blissfully affirmative nature. 

Philadelphia is tied with St. Louis, 1-1

Verdict:  Well, whoever wins this, can get crushed by the Crew in the NLCS.  Ideally, that would be the Phillies.  (Picture: Braun going 3-3 with 3 homers against Cliffy.)

Tampa Bay and Texas are tied, 1-1

Verdict:  Texas has momentum now.  It’s only going to get better from here on out.  Repeat that 100 times and then come back to me, okay?

Detroit and New York are tied, 1-1

Verdict:  Good.  Because this is a good matchup and one that makes me question my loyalties for (nearly) every waking moment.  So a tie means more good games.  And more indecisiveness on my part.  Decide for yourself if that part is good.  Jorge Posada’s triple- by which he proved my belief that age only matters if you’re wine or cheese or something- certainly helped the Yankees cause in my eyes.  Doesn’t he just rule?

Overall verdict:

I would give this whole thing so far four and a half stars, except for the bizarre start times.  I am sorely tempted to write Bud Selig a new post-it, demanding that he change the start times so I don’t continually miss the beginnings of games, but I am trying to spare y’all.  You’re welcome.

Diamond Girl

p.s  I still love u, Ryan Braun.  And if Kirk Gibson picks on you and claims you didn’t tag third again, I will totally fistfight him.

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