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A Resounding “Yes” to Smoke Signals

Q.  I think this was brought up earlier, but is there a problem when something like that can happen? Is there a better way to do it?

La Russa: Yeah, smoke signals from the dugout.

Quotes taken from Big League Stew on Yahoo.

Hey, it isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing but I also don’t think anyone would mistake it for Lynn, right?  I am now, at last, convinced that La Russa is indeed the managerial genius everyone seems to think he is.  Smoke signals are just what the Cardinals need.  And just the reason they are down 3-2 in the World Series.  If they instated smoke signals tomorrow, this series would be theirs.

But I hope they don’t.  Because the Rangers are so close I can smell it- I mean, I am closer to Texas here in Los Angeles- and it smells like blueberry muffins with coarse sugar on top and caprese pasta.   As Jon Miller would say, “mmm-mmm!”.  I am so excited I can barely believe it.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  That presser with Theo Esptein today was gold.  I just cannot get over the way General Managers say “organization”, with those fabulous, drawn-out vowels.  Love it to death.

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This is an Annoying Auto-Post

Me and my incredible knack for scheduling trips over the World Series (think: the whole Deserts-of-Africa-in-NYC-deal last year) are going to be vacating the Bay Area for the next week or so.  In between the City of Angels chewing me up with long tan legs and spitting me out with bleached blonde hair (exaggeration?  Yes.  Mostly certainly yes.  But still…) I will attempt to watch the World Series and blog.

So.  Roadtrip Time!

And yes, Darren Holland rulez with a z.  With that fabulous win, the world is back at rights and my nightmares have disappeared.

Hasta la vista, Bay Area.  I can’t say I’m sad to be leaving, what with the million and a half earthquakes you’ve thrown at me the past week.  And anyway, I never liked you as much minus my Giants.

Diamond Girl

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The Cardinals Haunt My Dreams (No, Really)

I had a bad dream last night.  My mom (sorry, Mom) was convinced that my family needed more pets than just my fish (who, for the record, I did not end up re-naming Carlos) and wanted us to get two birds.  I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but fine.

What kind of birds do you want to get, I asked?

Cardinals, she answered, with a kind of evil glint in her eyes.

Cute and cuddly pet?  Uh, no.

I woke up and wondered if I had somehow made it all up, because it seemed way to perfectly symbolic for my feelings at the moment to be true.  I mean, I did somehow make it up, seeing as it was my dream, but it was completely unconscious.  Which is what makes it basically very weird with a capital W at the beginning.

Anyhow, last night’s game was certainly nightmare worthy and truly painful to watch.  There are a million ways to second guess the team’s choices (read: Napoli at first base), but in reality it was just a plain ole’ blowout.  They happen.  Horribly timed, yes.  Unheard of, no.  I would like to believe it was just a fluke, too, but I am starting to have a nasty feeling that the Rangers of one of Those Teams, that has trouble in the World Series.   I hope they will prove me wrong tonight and in the next three games after that, but we shall have to see.  In any case, I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that mostly, I just want to see good baseball out there, no matter who wins or loses.  Last night was not good baseball.

Except for, well, Albert.  Tip of the beloved white beanie to him for his amazing trio of home runs.  It couldn’t have happened to a better guy, other than his Cardinal-ness.

Speaking of Cardinals… let’s just nip the whole giving-Emily-nightmares-thing right in the bud, shall we?  Please and thank you.

Diamond Girl

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I Need Some Baseball Therapy. Pronto.

Allow me to rant off-topic for a moment:  under the best of circumstances, I hate haircuts.  We all have our phobias, right?  Mine is sitting in a chair with a person brandishing scissors towards my hair.  Especially unfortunate when I have paid said person to do said thing. 

When the person seems absolutely convinced that I want angled bangs when I most certainly do not want angled bangs, “hate” becomes too mild a term.  I loathe haircuts, right about then.

My male counterpart banging his head against a wall.

It took all my willpower not to jump out of the chair and brandish some scissors back at the stylist.  But since I am a (basically) non-violent person, I just closed my eyes and imagined Nelson Cruz hitting a walk-off grand slam and Adrian Beltre hitting three homers in one game.  My mildly-mutilated hair suddenly felt a whole lot better.  Until I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror.

Don’t they look menacing?

I need some baseball therapy.  Pronto. 

World Series, where are you?

Diamond Girl

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In Which I Become a FOX Defendant

 I never thought I would do this, but here I am.  I am about to lump myself with FOX.  Why?  Because, well, (deep breath) I also thought Kansas City was in Kansas.  There.  I said it.

I admit that sometimes I am irrational, but I don’t think this was an example of that.  I mean, it would make sense for KC to be in Kansas, right?  Several Google searches later, it appears that there is a KC in Kansas and it mirrors the other one, in Missouri which is the home to the Royals.  So me and FOX weren’t entirely incorrect.  (Just mostly.  You know.)  Is your head spinning yet?  Because mine most certainly is.

This is all to say that as many faults as FOX has, this one is understandable to me.

And why is everyone ripping their x-ray camera, too?  I kind of dig it, actually.  It gives the whole thing a new perspective and makes the somewhat (somewhat?) boring broadcast a little more fun.  For instance, with that ball that Beltre said hit him… it totally proved him right. 

Anyhow, last night was a lot more fun that Wednesday, I will tell you that.  The Rangers seemed to break out of their Oh-My-God-We-Are-In-The-World Series funk, in the way I remember the Giants doing it in Game 1 last year, following that crazy first inning (remember Timmy’s error?  And how we all thought that was it?  Ha.).  And it was glorious to watch.  It wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t a show of crazy offensive strength, it wasn’t spectacular in any way.  It was more, to me, the team showing how they can win even when they are not at their very best and that, my friends, is glorious.

Watch out, Cardinals, the Texas Rangers are here with a vengeance.  (Can you say “here with a vengeance” or does it need to be “back with a vengeance?)

Now I need to go eat apple sauce and click my heels together and say, kansascityisnotinkansaskansascityisnotinkansaskansascityisnotinkansas a million times.  If you’ll excuse me…

Diamond Girl

p.s.  It is worth noting, you know, that the game only started to go the Rangers way when I remembered to put on my antlers in the late innings.  And Nolan Ryan’s tan trench coat was wonderful.  That too.

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