In Which I Do Not Impersonate Brian Sabean, But I Do Give Him a Bit of Advice

If I were Brian Sabean right now (and you know how I love impersonating Sabes), I am honestly not sure what I would be doing right now.

I think I called the Giants a kaleidoscope kind of team way back when in 2010 but now all I see is a tangled, tangled spiderweb.

Frankly, the whole toxicity-of-Rowand-and-Tejada thing really weirded me out, because the idea for the past few years with this team has been that chemistry is a complete non-issue.  I think people start hinting darkly at things like that when the team is doing badly, mostly, but I also think this team isn’t exactly the good old brotherhood any more.  Some changes may (may?  Will.) need to be made and the ownership change only thickens the plot.

So Sabean’s first offseason move (oh, less than 48 hours after the Defending World Champions thing vaporized) was to resign Javier Lopez to a two year deal, worth 8.5 million and extend Jeremy Affeldt for one more year.

Interesting, I say, very interesting.

If I had a beard (which I most certainly do not, for the record), I would be stroking it right now.  I mean first of all, HE DIGS THE LEFTIES.  And second, yeah, he seems serious about the pitching and especially the bullpen.  Like, 8.5 million serious.  Very serious, that is.

Personally, I like it.  Because I specifically like both those guys, but also because I don’t think the Giants need a big, attractive move (hello, Prince Fielder).  Those never work, except when they do, and anyway we just want a contender, right?  If this pitching staff is set right and Aubrey Huff develops a tendency to hit balls, that could contend right there.  So I think sticking to the core is a smarter way to go and this makes me feel, perhaps incorrectly, but still, that Sabes might agree with me.

Or I might agree with Sabes.  But I prefer the former.  You know.

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “In Which I Do Not Impersonate Brian Sabean, But I Do Give Him a Bit of Advice

  1. DG: The Giants should probably make a try at Beltran because he seemed to enjoy his time with them and will hit better than he did in August. If they do not sign him they should just put Nate in RF and leave him there. Whether they sign Beltran or not, their biggest need is a leadoff hitter and they should make a substantial effort to sign Coco Crisp. That team should be built on on base percentage and speed, not on power, because the ballpark is built that way.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I have to disagree with you on this one. I hope the Giants do not go after Beltran- I was disappointed with his performance at the second half of this season and they would inevitably end up overpaying, for him. I would much rather see them putting Nate out there every day, not to mention there’s been a bit of talk about Ross coming back. I’m not sure how to feel about that, but it does, of couse, complicate the right field issue once more.

      As for Crisp, that’s an interesting one. I’m not sold yet, but leadoff certainly needs to be addressed and Coco might be able to do the job. Not to mention he has a seriously fab name. Maybe I am sold, actually.

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