This is an Annoying Auto-Post

Me and my incredible knack for scheduling trips over the World Series (think: the whole Deserts-of-Africa-in-NYC-deal last year) are going to be vacating the Bay Area for the next week or so.  In between the City of Angels chewing me up with long tan legs and spitting me out with bleached blonde hair (exaggeration?  Yes.  Mostly certainly yes.  But still…) I will attempt to watch the World Series and blog.

So.  Roadtrip Time!

And yes, Darren Holland rulez with a z.  With that fabulous win, the world is back at rights and my nightmares have disappeared.

Hasta la vista, Bay Area.  I can’t say I’m sad to be leaving, what with the million and a half earthquakes you’ve thrown at me the past week.  And anyway, I never liked you as much minus my Giants.

Diamond Girl

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