This One Goes Out to People Who Are Not Interested in the World Series

Dear People Who Are Not Interested in the World Series,

Look, if you don’t want to be interested, that’s fine with me.  I have a bit of an unfortunate hipster thing going on (minus the fedora and Adele obsession, thankfully) so I like it when I’m going against the trends and all that.

But I think you’re missing out.  Seriously.  And there seem to be an awful lot of you, which is what worries me.  Why would you not be interested in a Cards/Rangers matchup?  I could list all the reasons it is going to be awesome and amazing and loads of fun, but I make too many lists on this blog, so I will spare you.

I just don’t understand.  If this has to do with the cities and prejudices against them, then graduate pre-school and talk to me then.  Sorry, did that sound terrible?  I’m just a wee bit frustrated.  The players are not from the city.  The management is not from the city.  Sometimes the owners aren’t even from the city.   All stadiums pretty much look the same, especially on TV, so what is this all about?

The Rangers are a really, really fun team to watch.  Everyone I’ve met who’s actually just watched them play baseball agrees with that.  I have less experience with the Cardinals, but as far as I know they’re pretty darn fun as well.  Teams and cities seem to come with so much baggage and that people would skip a World Series on that account makes me sad.  Say it’s just a team you think is dull.  The Series can still be fun!  It’s like the Academy Awards.  Sure, there are lame years, but it’s still the biggest award show in the film industry.  Why not give it a peek and see how it goes?   And I don’t even think that this is a lame year at all.

So could y’all throw the prejudices out the window and enjoy these last seven or so games of baseball?  March is a long way off.

On a more pleasant note… Happy World Series Wednesday!  I am curling up with my bite-sized chapters of the Economics of Life, which are perfectly suited to the ad breaks and some trail mix and getting seriously stoked for this.

Diamond Girl


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6 responses to “This One Goes Out to People Who Are Not Interested in the World Series

  1. The Baseball Gal

    I know, right? Some of my friends aren’t watching the World Series this year because they don’t think that the teams playing are interesting. However, the two games so far have been NAIL BITERS and pretty dang entertaining!

    • sfdiamondgirl

      Competely agree, Hannah! Last night’s game killed me, but there WAS some pretty amazing hitting on display. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Diamond Girl, sorry to get all pedantic on you and all but we need to advance your fashion education a bit. The hat you picture is not a fedora. Fedoras are made from fur felt. The hipster hat that you show is best described as a trilby.

  3. You make an excellent point.

  4. Seedboy

    Tonight on the Simpsons, Homer said that you have to be brave to be a hipster because everyone wears the same hat.

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