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Retrospective on The Desperate Ballplayers of San Francisco

I finally watched the season finale of The Franchise on YouTube and I adored this moment. 

(Apologies for the mega-blurry screenshot.  You can see it here at minute 4:25.)

I didn’t adore the fact that D-Ro blew out his wrist.  It was Freddy Sanchez’s expression when he threw his helmet that I adored.  I mean, is that priceless or what?  I’ve always thought it would be terribly awkward to be in the dugout when someone goes off like that, but Freddy honestly just looks scared for his life.  Burrell’s raised-eyebrow expression is kind of hilarious too.  It makes me miss Sanchez even more than before.

Anyhow.  As they reminded us about one million times in the last three minutes of the show, it’s a wrap on it now, so I am giving you all my thoughts from the season of the show.  Are you ready?  No?  Well, here you go, anyway:

*A person is not a “story”!  The incessant talk of Ryan Vogelsong as a “story” drove me i-n-s-a-n-e.

*Barry Zito seems so sad.  The way they wrapped up his story was not inspiring or anything.  Isn’t depressing TV is bad TV?   I mean, you can watch the evening news and see that no one goes by that.  Just my humble opinion on the subject.

*Brian Wilson in obnoxious.  But then, what else is new?

*Freddy Sanchez is utterly adorable.  Matt Cain and Pablo Sandoval, too.  And Jeremy is exactly the kind of father I would have imagined him to be.

*Bruce Bochy cracks me up.  To no end.

*Those meetings with Sabes and Boch and Neukom seriously need someone to enliven them.  A stand-up comedian would work.  Or a girl with a blog with a long name and fourteen inch hair (I measured!).  That would be me.  In case you didn’t realize that.

Overall, I did enjoy the show.  But all that said, I don’t think it was the best they could have done.  I think way too much of it was clips from games and Brian Murphy narrating the season.  If they had taken full advantage of the reality TV format and delved into the clubhouse and on-the-road stuff more, instead of the families and the games, I think it could have been way better.

Remember Life of Brian in his hotel room, way back when?  That rocked. What about on the airplane?   Eating out on the road?  That’s the stuff I want to see.  More than, eh, Ryan and Nicole Vogelsong talking with a- granted, it was pretty, but still- weird backdrop of the city.

It is also worth noting that my thoughts become that much more disjointed on off-days, so I should probably go now.  Doesn’t it feel like ages since we’ve played LA?  And who else watched The Franchise and what were your thoughts?

Diamond Girl

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Yes, This Post Is Titled Brett Pill

Were you surprised?  Seeing as Brett Pill could probably run for mayor of San Francisco (or even governor of California, what with all the disillusioned Dodger fans) and win by a massive landslide, I figure I should probably blog about him.

Well, that and the fact that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM AND HE IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THE GIANTS.  Okay, sorry about the caps.  I try to avoid that.  But Pill is rather a special case, you know?

He was one of the September call-ups, which is to say he was something along the lines of an afterthought for a team that had just been labeled “Out of contention- move right along”.  Apparently, he read that label to say, “Tear it up, kid!  We have a pennant to win!”  Not that I mind.  I’m just surprised.  And impressed.  Very, very impressed.

The series against San Diego certainly went better than I had expected coming in, even though today’s finale was a bit (a bit?) of a let-down.  The whole “see-ball-hit-ball” thing seems to have gone bye-bye.  No matter.  The team is playing a whole lot better and as of right now- and this is sure to change before I post this, just ‘cause- the Rockies are beating the Diamondbacks.  Which doesn’t help tremendously, seeing as this pesky thing called math says with each passing day it is becoming harder for the Giants to catch up, but I was never good at math anyway so I’m just ignoring it.

The point of diving into the lake and all that.  Right?  Right.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Brett Pill! 

Okay, fine.  Finished now.


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John Keats on Baseball

“The point of diving in a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore; it’s to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water.”

-John Keats, Bright Star

This is the quote that always comes to mind for me when people talk about the postseason.  Keats, in the movie Bright Star, was talking about poetry, but I kind of think you can relate it to baseball, too.  (Then again, I can relate just about anything to baseball.) 

But really, even more than in other sports, in baseball, the point of the regular season, from my perspective as a fan, isn’t to get into the playoffs.  Or even if it is, the fun part is the marathon, the 162 games.  The main reason I like my team being in the playoffs is so that I can see them play for a little longer.  But in terms of baseball in general?  I think it’s all about the regular season.

In that sense, I am sad that this is the last month of 2011 baseball.  But I’m trying not to get too caught up in the whole will-they-or-won’t-they/do-they-still-have-a-chance with the Giants.

Yesterday was an absolutely lovely game.  Did they gain ground on the Diamondbacks?  Nope.  But that didn’t change the fact that it was a ball to watch and that the season was chugging right along.  This season has taken wacky to a whole new level, but I want to luxuriate in that, not in being seven games back.

Will I be sad if they don’t get into the playoffs?  Of course.  But they’ll have still played a nice whole season and I’ll love that.  I guess I don’t care tremendously about the postseason.  You can sue me, right about now, but that’s just it.  (Incidentally, hurrah for grating 1950s voices!)

I will now stop thinking way too deeply about baseball and stare at the Barry Zito rookie card I snagged last night.  To call me “smiley” right now would be an understatement.

Diamond Girl

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I’m Not So Sure I Believe in Fairies

I promise this is the last time I’ll use these photos, but aren’t they just perfect right now?  That series was a balloon being put in front of us and then promptly being popped.  Big time.  No, I don’ t think this all means the season is over or the world is ending or all the cupcake shops across America are closing.  I am just not so sure I believe in fairies right now.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  On the bright side, Star Wars day at the park was awesome.

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It’s Okay, I Hate August Too

I really do.  I mean, what is there to like about August?

Not the too-short too-tight clothing

Not the summer fruit that is not so fresh anymore

Not the fact that summer is getting old fast

Not the dog days of baseball

See what I mean?  It’s totally understandable that the Giants would dislike that month.  But what is there to like about September?

The fresh fall fashion

The chilly breezes and brightly colored leaves

The pumpkin lattes

The stretch-run baseball

A lot.  In a nutshell.  And the Giants started off this lovely month with a bang, with a 6-2 victory over them Diamondbacks, narrowing the gap to the division lead and overall providing a serious morale boost.

Last night felt an awful lot like they were finally breaking out of something and I am massively, massively stoked (Beltran can hit!  No, really!  He can!).  I’m also happy about the ways Keppinger has found to contribute.  I wasn’t a huge fan of him, at first, but he’s really made himself beyond useful.  And he’s a misfit and a castoff and all that, so he fits in well.

Tonight is the matchup of the aces, Lincecum vs. Kennedy which is sort of scaring me, to be honest.  Remember when I said that I bake when I’m nervous?  Let’s just say in the last 24 hours I have made a) a massive batch of brownies b) 25 chocolate chip cookies c) fifteen jam filled cookies. 

It was all for a bake sale, but it certainly helped with the whole nerves thing.  I’ve also been drawing version of this adorable Miss Dior Cherie ad in my notebook.  As long as my hands are busy, I can live through this- yep, I’m going to say it- torture.  Join with me.  We can do this.

::breathes in, breathes out::

Diamond Girl

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