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One Massive O.O

There’s this lovely little emoticon I’ve discovered recently (okay, yes, I’m late to the party): O.O.  I find myself making that expression on the internet a lot.

Today, I had it in real life.  During this entire game, Giants vs. Rockies, I was: O.O.


I know they’re on an eight game winning streak, which is to say this didn’t come out of left field entirely, but it was still a jaw-dropping sort of game.  A game that makes me believe in snow in August and all that, with a nod to the wonderful Nanny McPhee films.

Because, well, there was a homerun and then there was another homerun and then another and then- you guessed it!  Another homerun.  And then two more for good luck, although they didn’t need any luck, it seemed.  There were also two triples and a brilliant catch by Justin Christian to get Wilson himself, fresh off the DL, out of the eighth. 

These past eight-odd games have felt like an offensive explosion in the very literal sense of the word.  Just like it was time to break out and do something, anything.  They’ve come to it a bit late, of course, but it’s just a wonderful example of the unpredictability of baseball and I’m loving it.

Oddly enough, I think that Christian catch was my favorite moment of the game.  Along with the pair of triples.  I guess I’m not much of a homerun girl.  But yes, I am extremely grateful for those shots that won us the game and I am also grateful to the Braves for doing their part and losing. 

Because… yes, I believe.  I totally believe in The Thing I Won’t Say So As Not To Jinx It.  You know what I mean, right?  Right.

And yes, I believe a pig flew as well.

Diamond Girl

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10 Totally Awesome Things About Last Night

10.  Santiago Casilla.  In case I’ve failed to mention it before, I am not much for Brian Wilson.  In addition to which I fully subscribe to Billy Beane’s theory about how replaceable closers really are.  To think that the Giants are on a five game winning streak in September minus Wilson gives me the tiniest bit of glee as well as good ole’ pride for Casilla, because he is so shining right now. 

9.  Pablo. 

8.  Vogey the Hitter strikes again!  2 for 3, baby.  Hitting pitchers make me happy dance.  Not literally.  I do not dance, happy or otherwise, in reality.

7.  Pablo.

6.  It was just a really great way to start off the mega-roadtrip.  I’m sure the stats would prove me wrong on this, but I think winning the first game of the roadtrip is a big game changer.  Maybe because they listen to better music after they win and that’s helpful, somehow…?

5.  Pablo.

4.  I have a bit of a Rockies vendetta.  Especially after they traded away Ubaldo, who I had a bit of a soft spot for.  So going into Coors Field (The Chamber of Horrors- remember that?) and beating them like that was just awesome.

3.   Pablo.

2.  ::looks around, then whispers::  We are getting crazy close to the Moneyball release!  Which makes me much more excited than it rationally should.  Now don’t tell anyone I told you.  It’d ruin my street cred, people.

1.  Pablo!  Pablo!  Pablo!

Much love for the Panda.  That is all.

Diamond Girl

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I Am Renaming My Fish Carlos and I Bet Nuekom Sold Sabean’s Suite

First things first.  I have a new member of my family, a fish named Rivendell (Do. Not. Laugh.) who is profoundly antisocial and doesn’t seem to like to eat.  I am considering renaming him, thinking maybe that’ll make him more energetic.

And when I got home from today’s Giants game- yep, I was there!- “Carlos” or “Beltran” were at the top of my new name list.  Because Beltran hit two smurfin’ homeruns (ack, I can’t get the smurfin’ thing out of my system ).   One of those homers was a splash and also was his 300th career.  It rocked.  Really.  The whole empty-yet-still-sold-out ballpark was electric.  Timmy was really wonderful too and D-Ro proved that I am not totally insane in still being a fan of his.  I mean, last night sorta proved that too.  What with his amazing hit in the 11th to walk-off and give the Giants their third straight win.

Today was the fourth straight win and if I’m remembering correctly, it’s the first sweep of the Padres this years and that feels good, my friends.  Very good. 

Overall, it was a lovely, foggy game and I finally wore my one and only Giants shirt that has never seen the light of day since I bought it a year ago, because, well, I don’t think orange suits me.  But I layered and dressed it up and then got a compliment on it, so all is well. 

Then I got home and heard The News.  You know what I mean.  I mean, right?  In case you live under a rock or have just been eating pizza or other delicious foods the past few hours and not reading the news, I will fill you in: the word is that the Giants have pushed out the Managing General Partner- or is it General Managing Partner?  I can never keep it straight.- Bill Nuekom in favor of Larry Baer.  Which is not good news, it appears.  My mood is ever so slightly crushed.

It really seems to me that being a Managing General Partner is an incredibly hard job.  Whether you’re too involved or not involved enough or put forth too much money or not enough, you’re out of luck, far as I can tell.  They never seem to last very long.

Which just goes to show I’d be better better off as an International Scouting Director, a la A.J. Preller.  Or, oh, do you think maybe Nuekom sold Sabean’s suite?  I bet that’s it.  I totally do.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am also going to get all preachy here and say I brought my own cinnamon roasted almonds because of Diamond Nuts use of slave labor in their supply chain and not only did I feel kind of self-righteous, but they also totally tasted better.  BYO, people!  And while you’re at it, vote for Jeremy Affeldt for the Roberto Clemente Award for his work as a modern-day abolitionist!

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So Smurfin’ Cute!

I love me some Nationals!

Diamond Girl

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Very Literal Snake Watch and the Whole Machairi-Champourgker Phobia Thing

Well, so, seeing as the Giants are 8.5 games out of first place we’re not really doing a Snake Watch on dem Diamondbacks.  But I did make friends with snake today!  (Don’t worry, it wasn’t a diamondback.  It was a non-poisonous, non-Giant-beating sweetheart who licked my hand and left me totally in love with snakes.)

The first two games against Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday marked borderline season lows for me.  I guess I wanted to hold out hope that this team was still contending until the actual elimination and those games drove home that fact that this season is probably not going to culminate in any playoffs for the Giants.  It was a bit sad.  It that was all made better, of course, by today’s game, though.  Contending or not contending, March is a long way off and there would be any number of slightly heartbreaking changes this offseason.  Today was just a fun September game, with them all playing their hearts out and it was decidedly smile-worthy.

And now a word about Affeldt.  Two words, actually.  1) Ouch!  2) Oh. My. God. No. 

Well, that was five words in the end.  But you know what I mean.  I have actually developed a strange phobia of knives and frozen hamburgers over the past few days.  To make this all legit and Greek, that would be machairi-champourgker.  Jeremy has scarred me for life with that injury.

On the upside, Zito will be getting one more chance at life- I mean, pitching- because of it.  He was activated today and will probably work out the bullpen.  I am most definitely intrigued.

Diamond Girl


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