My Favorite Game of the Year? You May Be Surprised.

I figure now that the season is over I should probably make some attempt to be a cultured person, so I went to a museum exhibit this afternoon.  And while paintings of frozen Dutch rivers are absolutely lovely, I spent a good part of the exhibit replaying the season in my head and trying to choose my favorite game.

It feels like an impossible thing to do, because along the way, games are wonderful for a huge number of reasons.  Sometimes it’s simply that it’s an important one or that it’s one that I got to go to or one where the Giants just did really well.  But one did keep standing out in my mind and saying, Pick me!  Pick me!  (Yes, baseball games do talk in my head.  Not weird at all, right?)

So I’ve picked that one.  It probably wasn’t that important and dramatic in the scheme of things, but it’s one that I’ll never forget all the same.  Let’s flashback to it, July 2nd, 2011 at Tigers Stadium.

It’s Giants vs. Tigers, Zito (2-1) vs. Max Scherzer (9-4).  Detroit is 1.5 games out of first place and San Francisco is in first place, 3 round games ahead of Arizona.  Yesterday, they beat the Tigers in heart attack fashion for the first game of the series by a final of 4-3, with Wilson throwing a world class tantrum after blowing the save.

So it began.  The Giants scored five runs in the first inning on B-Craw and Panda homers and things moved along nicely from there, blowout style.  But Michigan weather had other plans.  A massive thunderstorm hit in the third, suddenly and with a stunning amount of rain.  We all worried that game would not restart and all those runs would go to waste, but then the sky turned orange and I, for one, knew that boded well.

After nearly three hours, once all the fans had presumably gone home and gotten toasty with hot chocolate or whatever, the umps announced the game was back on.  We all raised our eyebrows and un-muted our televisions.

And then the fun started.

The first pitch following the rain delay was hit grandly into the stands by Miguel Tejada for a grand freakin’ slam.

Zito stayed in his zone by listening to lame rappers (hey, whatever works) and came back to pitch after all that time and gave the team six scoreless innings, over 80 pitches.

The runs party did not stop there and the game eventually ended at 12:36 local time with a final score of 15-3, Giants winning.  It was one of those crazy games that just reaffirms your adoration of baseball and that the game will do what it will do.  And, you know, I live for rain.  So if my team can pull off 15 runs in the rain, that makes me love them a little more.  If that’s even possible.

Diamond Girl

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