Epic, Massive, Total Buzzkill

My Saturday and Sunday were spent doing things like adding new Pandora channels, watching The Dark Knight, browsing earrings with text on them on etsy.com and watching my fish eat.  Which is to say, anything but thinking about the Giants.

I’d be lying if I said I was excited to write this post.  In fact, I’ve kinda-sorta been putting it off.  Because I’m more than a little bit crushed.  I can deal with losing.  No, really.  Don’t raise your eyebrow at me like that.  I can. But this season has just been a heartbreaker.   Especially that beautiful surge right at the end that made it impossible not to hope.  Mathematical elimination hurts in any case.  2010 and the organization “having something good going” feels a long way off right about now.

So I am just gazing at my antlers on my dresser (almost that time of year again!  Almost It’s Time time!) and trying to muster enjoyment for the last three games of this year and then the postseason.

Once the sting of this all wears off, I’m sure this season will look like a fabulous example of resilience, because the Giants made a hell of a run despite tons and tons- and did I mention tons?- of injuries. 

There are, of course, some unfortunate things to come out of this year, foremost in my mind right now being Tim Lincecum’s (and probably Cain, too) dissatisfaction with the Giants and the offense and all that and desire to leave.  Really, it was also disappointing to finally get the Bat that Will Save the Offense and have it be a letdown.  The Beltran trade was that move every team wants their GM to make at the deadline and this is just an example of it not working out real well.  Total buzz kill.

Then again, wasn’t that whole series in Arizona  massive, total buzz kill?

I need cupcakes.  Pronto.  That is all.

Diamond Girl

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One response to “Epic, Massive, Total Buzzkill

  1. Robert Seeds

    The boy and I went tonight, it was about the nicest night game you can imagine, almost warm and no breeze until the end. Vogelsong had a nice night on the bump. Free soft drinks for all in attendance. On-street parking three blocks away. The only things that marred it were the wave, over and over again for what seemed like forever, and poor Theo being drenched by someone’s spilled beer.

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