One Massive O.O

There’s this lovely little emoticon I’ve discovered recently (okay, yes, I’m late to the party): O.O.  I find myself making that expression on the internet a lot.

Today, I had it in real life.  During this entire game, Giants vs. Rockies, I was: O.O.


I know they’re on an eight game winning streak, which is to say this didn’t come out of left field entirely, but it was still a jaw-dropping sort of game.  A game that makes me believe in snow in August and all that, with a nod to the wonderful Nanny McPhee films.

Because, well, there was a homerun and then there was another homerun and then another and then- you guessed it!  Another homerun.  And then two more for good luck, although they didn’t need any luck, it seemed.  There were also two triples and a brilliant catch by Justin Christian to get Wilson himself, fresh off the DL, out of the eighth. 

These past eight-odd games have felt like an offensive explosion in the very literal sense of the word.  Just like it was time to break out and do something, anything.  They’ve come to it a bit late, of course, but it’s just a wonderful example of the unpredictability of baseball and I’m loving it.

Oddly enough, I think that Christian catch was my favorite moment of the game.  Along with the pair of triples.  I guess I’m not much of a homerun girl.  But yes, I am extremely grateful for those shots that won us the game and I am also grateful to the Braves for doing their part and losing. 

Because… yes, I believe.  I totally believe in The Thing I Won’t Say So As Not To Jinx It.  You know what I mean, right?  Right.

And yes, I believe a pig flew as well.

Diamond Girl

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