The September Issue(s)

I spent the better part of yesterday late-afternoon reading the September issue of Vogue.  All 758 pages of it.  I repeat, 758 pages.   I mean, yes.  A good 80% of it was ads, but ads are interesting too.  Color is back, Kate Moss had the most beautiful wedding in the history of the universe and all the high fashion brands are still doing hideous 20s hair in their ads.  And Marc Jacobs has gone officially gone off the deep end with his campaign with Helena Bonham Carter.

Which is all to say that it is most definitely time for some Giants baseball.

The Giants are certain to have some September issues of their own- and not necessarily in a good way- but either way we are now totally in the home stretch of the season, the young guys are up with the Major League club and I am so ready for this series against Arizona.  I think this has replaced the Chicago series as the Most Important Series of the year and what better time/place for that than a Friday night in the city?  Excited does not even begin to cut it.  The lovely new and improved Giants are taking the field and I cannot wait to see what happens.

And by the way?  I was smiling and giggling over the whole Giants-are-honey-badgers-because-they-eat-snakes thing until I googled honey badgers.  I imagined them as vaguely mythical and most certainly adorable creatures, because of the “honey” in their name, I think.

Uh, no.

I am going to have nightmares about these things.  That’s not even the creepiest photo I saw.  Can the Giants just be unicorns or something?  Please?

Diamond Girl

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  1. Robert Seeds

    Jacobs has made HBC look like a 12 year old anime girl.

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