I Laughed and I Cried and I Googled Photos of Train Wrecks

I’m honestly not quite sure whether to laugh or cry right now.  So I did a little of both.  I was prepared to find some non-graphic train wreck photos for the end of this road trip, but then the Giants, of course, go and finish it only a game and a little .5 behind the Diamondbacks.

Cute photo anyway, right?

I just have no idea what to say.

I am speechless.  For once.

Expect for, Put Brandon in the lineup, cupcake-heads!  (Cupcakes are great.  But not for someone’s head.)

Okay.  Speechless other than that.  I am glad they are coming home, that’s for sure and, for some bizarre reason, I am fully prepared to believe that things will get better from.  Really, whatever happens from here, they did stay very much in contention through that Week from Hell.   It’s almost Monday and the Padres are coming to town for a two-gamer (why, Selig?  Why?).  It’s still the Dog Days and this is totally and utterly doable.

Really going to be quiet for a while now.

Diamond Girl

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