Typical Pitching Stuff?

Synonyms for injuries, for your viewing pleasure:

abrasion, abuse, affliction, affront, agony, bad, bite, blemish, boo-boo, bruise, burn, chop, cramp, cut, damage, deformation, detriment, discomfiture, disservice, distress, evil, fracture, gash, grievance, hemorrhage, ill, impairment, indignity, injustice, insult, laceration, lesion, libel, loss, mischief, misery, mutilation, nick, ouch, outrage, pang, ruin, scar, scratch, shock, slander, sore, sprain, stab, sting, suffering, swelling, trauma, twinge, wound, wrong

Last night, Whiteside went down.  He doesn’t have a concussion but he does have a scraped lip and dizziness.  Yikes.  That is all.

The Giants did, however, win last night with a whole lot of sac flies and a brilliant performance from Matt Cain.  Runzler’s return was not exactly triumphant and Affeldt was far from brilliant, but the final score was 7-5, which means I can exhale for the first time in this series.

My mind was on Wilson a lot, though.  The rumor going around is that Brian thought he had blown his arm out and would need Tommy John surgery again.  And, I mean, he went to see Dr. Tommy Jo–, I mean Dr. Andrews in Florida.  From there on, the news has all been positive, with the team saying it’s just “typical pitching stuff” and such.  But it leaves a nagging worry with me that he thought he’d blown it out.  Really?  Typical pitching stuff?  I guess I wonder if this problem will magnify in the future.  No way of knowing and for now I just hope he gets healthy and remembers how to close games but it does all leave me with a little bit of a question mark in my mind.

On the bright side, (well, not for rabid Belt fans but for the team trainers then) Rowand and Nate are in tonight’s lineup and Kepp is available off the bench.  They all appear to be doing much better and there are no DL trips in sight.  Which means that maybe- just maybe- this is going to blow over.   Happy Tim Lincecum Day, everyone.  The Giants have the chance for a split.   The world is getting brighter!

Diamond Girl


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3 responses to “Typical Pitching Stuff?

  1. Robert Seeds

    Diamond Girl, I’m going to get all pedantic on you again. Dr. Andrews appears to be the current favorite baseball elbow doctor, but he is not Mr. Tommy John. First, there is the pitcher, Tommy John. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/j/johnto01.shtml Looks to me like he won 182 games after the surgery.
    The guy who actually performed the surgery on Tommy John is Dr. Frank Jobe, http://kerlanjobe.com/Physicians/frank_jobe_md.aspx I’m not sure if he created the idea of obtaining a replacement part and inserting it but this one is the first I ever heard of.
    I’d like to see these guys share a spot together at the Hall of Fame.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I was referring to the joke about Dr. Andrews– he’s sometimes called Dr. Tommy John because going to see him often signifies the need for Tommy John surgery :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Robert Seeds

    DG, it is a pleasure.

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