If You Mash All the Injured Body Parts Together…

Current Giants injuries:

Carlos Beltran, wrist

Sergio Romo, elbow

Barry Zito, ankle

Andres Torres, calf

Pat Burrell, foot

Buster Posey, ankle

Freddy Sanchez, shoulder

Jeff Keppinger, wrist

Nate Schierholtz, foot

Aaron Rowand, intercostal muscle

Pablo Sandoval, foot

When I looked this list over, my thought was, If you put all those injured body parts together, you nearly have a full person!  Minus brain, of course, but I’d be happy to provide that.  And yes, this person would have three right feet, but so do people in Ancient Egyptian art!  I mean, I think they usually have two feet and they’re left feet, but you know what I mean.

Dan Runzler is up from AAA now and I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to see more minor leaguers up in the coming days.  I can’t decide what is a step up from the Injury Scaly Dragon, so I’ll just leave it at that.  There is nothing scarier than a dragon.

And by the way… despite my undying love of cinnamon roasted almonds at the ballpark, I’m boycotting Diamond Nuts because of their issues with slave labor in their supply chain.  Instead, I’ve bought some really awesome ones from Trader Joe’s.  So I’m asking everyone to BYO cinnamon roasted nuts to your stadium next time you go.  Okay?  Let’s do this!

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Then, of course, there’s Wilson and his bad back and his blown saves.  That blown save absolutely killed me.  The bullpen has always been a rock for the iffy offense and then when the iffy offense actually creates a lead, the bullpen goes and blows it.  Takes “tearing hair out” to a whole new level.  What if Runzler’s lights out and makes a pitch to be a legitimate interim closer while Wilson takes some DL time?  Just thinking out loud here.


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4 responses to “If You Mash All the Injured Body Parts Together…

  1. Bryan Scrafford

    Maybe this is just a way to essentially have the September call up a couple weeks early….or at least a chance to see if you might want to change around your 40 man rooster before call ups are made.

    Ballpark Banter

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I dig the positivity! That’s certainly a good way of thinking about. Who knows, this could be what the Giants need, in some way or another, to get out of their funk. And thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. sfrunner

    Looks like Jonathan Sanchez will be added to the list (rolled ankle). It’s been a tough last two nights. Hopefully, Cain and Lincecum can turn it around.

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