The Injury Big Bad Wolf Has Officially Graduated Into the Injury Scaly Dragon

On the 19th of July, I tweeted, “I think the Injury Bug has officially graduated into the Injury Big bad wolf.”  That was the day Freddy Sanchez was placed on the 60 day DL.

But if it was the Injury Big Bad Wolf then, it’s now the Injury Scaly Dragon now.


Within weeks of coming over to San Francisco, Beltran may be headed to the Disabled List with a freaky wrist (can’t blame this on one the blowdryer, unfortunately) and with it the Big Bat hopes of the Bay Area.  Was Beltran totally tearing it up?  No.  Was Beltran kinda-sorta tearing it up?   Not even.  But if he’s on the DL, then there’s no possibility of him tearing it up. 

I’m complaining about all this because it’s the easiest thing to complain about with the Giants right about now.  They’re maddening.  On Saturday they showed signs of brilliance again in a 6-0 victory, including Aubrey actually hitting the ball and Chris Stewart hitting his first big league homerun (allowing myself one squee here:  squueee!) but they were back to dismal yesterday with a 9-2 loss.  Forget anything I may have said in the past about the Pirates needing a big bat.

The whole story of the hypnotist helping Bochy and the rest of the Giants staff quit chewing tobacco was really sweet.  Maybe she could fly out here and help the Giants players… play?  Just thinking aloud here, people.  I would suggest a knight in shining armor to come out and slay afore mentioned Scaly Dragon, but I don’t know any offhand.

In lighter news, AJ Burnett is clueless about hair and the Giants are going to be in Florida tomorrow to play the Marlins who are 22 games out of first place and on a 7 game losing streak.

Do not mention injuries against the Marlins.  I repeat, do not mention injuries against the Marlins.  I repeat… you get the point.

Diamond Girl


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4 responses to “The Injury Big Bad Wolf Has Officially Graduated Into the Injury Scaly Dragon

  1. Books, BBQ chips,and the mets.

    The injury dragon is not only eating up the giants! He’s eating up the mets too. Reyes is hurt, Murphy is hurt, davis is hurt, wright just came off the dl. I feel like the mets have transformed into the triple a team. Oh well. Here is to a healthy rest of the season!
    Alexandra :)

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I think Beltran must have brought it to the Giants, then! Just kidding :) I hope they all get better soon. It’s not fun at all.

  2. sfrunner

    Hopefully, we can beat the Marlins, Braves and Astros on this upcoming road trip. We’re 0-6 combined against the Marlins and Braves and have yet to play the Astros. Continued success on the blog. It’s one of my favorites!


    • sfdiamondgirl

      Well, we can hope the rest of the trip will be a little better than tonight, at least. Thanks so much for reading a commenting! Much appreciated.

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