Chill The Heck Out, 2.0 and the Lowdown on Dem Seagulls

First of all, happy belated to Madison!  His pitching makes me happy, first inning meltdowns and all.  I hope he had a lovely day.

Now on to what Twitter is generously calling the #majorfunk.  And well, no, that is not how we wanted to start what may be the Biggest Series of August.  Then again, Cainer’s bad day was 5 earned runs over 5.2 innings (could be worse, right?) and Cody made a what-could-be-a-fluke-but-I-hope-not-pitch to continue leading off.  Aubrey hit a home run, too.  This time I am really truly not saying anything about this being a sign of him snapping out of anything.

Still, basically, the offense did things.  Which they do not usually do.  The Diamondbacks had one big inning and that was that.  That, people, is not a Major Funk.

This is a transition time of year- into the beginnings of stretch run baseball- as well as for the team who has a bunch of new people in the lineup.  It would be fabulous if they could have all come in and torn it up in their new home, but the standings on August 2nd are just that: the standings on August 2nd.  Give me two more against these Diamondbacks.  Then I may be panicking.  Or, hopefully, saying “I told you so”.  Time will tell.

And what can I really say about the Zito “injury”?  Just that this video of him explaining something that really may or may not exist makes me pretty darn sad.

Before I go, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Something I’m afraid to say, actually.  Remember, eh, Timmy’s August last year?   Oh, you blissfully blocked out that memory?  Then we have nothing to worry about.  Right?  Right.  But yeah.  I’m a little jittery.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Did you read about the potential falcon that the Giants are thinking of installing at the ballpark to scare away the seagulls?  I am way more excited about that than I should be.  I love falcons.  Then again, it seems like a bit of a round-about way to scare Dem Seagulls away.  And would one falcon really have that effect?  I need to dig out my over-abundance of bird-books from my bird-obsessed childhood.  I also think it might make CSN mad, because they do absolutely endless little features about the seagulls.  Now how would they fill the air time?  Things to consider, Giants.  Things to consider.

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