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Your Choice

Apparently, the Giants failed to notice the part of yesterday’s blog post  where, after I detailed how they could train wreck the rest of the season, I put a disclaimer.  In case you missed it too, it was: “Note: I am not endorsing this or recommending this.”

They are rather stubborn, this bunch, and they don’t hit ever, in the same way that Facebook doesn’t crash ever.  (Yep, I quote The Social Network when I’m depressed.)

Bochy named this as the Official Low Point of the Season, though frankly, I could think of some other ones, like the day when everyone got injured or the day when… well, you get the point.  This has been a season with a few ups and a whole lot of downs.

It’s not over, of course.  There are still a fair number of cold hard baseball games to be played and the Giants still have some great pitchers and, you know, Carlos Beltran.  None of that has changed.  They’re not brilliant, but in my opinion, they weren’t last year either.  There are the obvious differences like lack of Buster and Freddy, but stranger things have happened.

As much as a part of me wants them to just quietly slip off the map now, another part of me thinks that I’d sure as heck like a good show in the last month of the season, whether or not they end up in the playoffs.

I don’t think the team has changed that much.  I think it’s our perception.  The orange-tinted glasses have fallen off in a hurry and the Giants need to clean up the pieces.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are just settling in for the wait until Opening Day, 2012, but that feels beside the point.  The season isn’t over until the last pitch is thrown, bottom line, as this team proved last year and until then we just need to ride with it as fans.

Or find an ocean paradise and sunbathe without a radio/TV/internet connection for a month and just forget Giants baseball exists.  Your choice.

Diamond Girl

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I Propose Two Options

We are, somehow, one series away from September baseball.  The Giants are going to be playing only other NL West teams this coming month, with six games against the arch-nemesis Diamondbacks and seven against the Rockies, who may contend a little down the stretch, just ‘cause.

Which means the Giants have 27 innings and three days to figure out what the heck they are doing this year and they’ll be doing it against the Cubs, starting tonight.

I’m not an absolutist and I do believe in fairies (I do!  I do!) but I think there are really just two options at this point.

First!  (Note: I am not endorsing this or recommending this.)

The Giants could fade away into the sunset that is the end of the baseball season and the hugable moments that were Eric Surkamp and Mark DeRosa on Saturday night will fade into the good-but-not-great memories of 2011.  This team has had a lot (a lot?) of injuries this year, after all.  This is a legitimate option.

Second!  (Note:  I am totally endorsing and recommending this.)

The Giants could realize that the darkest time of night is right before dawn and all that and the hugable moments there were Eric Surkamp and Mark DeRosa on Saturday night will soon be regarded as just predictions of what was to come for this team.  This team has had a lot (a lot?) of injuries this year, but they are mega-resilient, too.  This is way beyond a legitimate option.

So.  I think you can tell where I stand on all this, but as to what will really happen?  I’m stumped. 

In any case, I got a little lone-Barry-Zito-fan-happiness out of hearing that the ankle is doing a little better and he’s optimistic.  I’d like to see him back this year.  Yep, after all that.  I still would.

And speaking of the ankle!  Did anyone else see the photo of it they had on The Franchise last week?  I’m not prone to saying “ew” but for lack of a better word… ew.  They shouldn’t be allowed to show that kind of thing on TV without warning me or something.  Just an, “Emily- enormously swollen ankle, coming up next!” text would have done the trick, you know?

And no, I won’t show you a screen-grab of it.  Because I’m nice to my viewers, like that.

Diamond Girl

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I Feel Like a Yo Yo

The roller coaster simile has been used one too many times.  And besides, I took a roller coaster for the first time earlier this summer and it was hell all the way through.  Whereas a yo yo goes up and down, good and bad.  Like the Giants.  One day I feel all wonderful about them, the next, not so much. 

If only everyone were Giants fans, there would be no need for sleeping pills.  Rooting for this team is exhausting.

Thankfully, last night was a high moment in the yo yo thing.  A 2-1 victory over Houston, who are, bizarrely enough, starting to feel like a rival to me.  That’s probably just my twisted mind, seeing as they are 43-89 (ah, ouch) with the worst record in Major Leagues.  But I do feel that way all the same.  Like I really, really want to beat them.

And as if I didn’t already love Madison Bumgarner enough?  He waxed eloquent (well, eloquent for a baseball player) about the fog last night and how it makes it harder for opposing hitters.  I wanted to fly across the bay and hug him.  Seriously.  No one ever says that.  I, personally, like the fog because the fog is cozy and lovely but the opposing hitter thing is true too.

The game ended with a bang with Santiago Casilla spurring more than a few, Who needs Brian Wilson? comments over the internet.  And in my mind.  Leaving aside Wilson comparisons, Casilla was very literally perfect and came through in a huge way with our closer on the DL and a tenuous 2-1 lead. 

I think if I had gone ahead with my flying-across-the-bay-to hug-MadBum plan, I would have hugged Santiago too.

This evening will bring the first Major League start of Eric Surkamp which I am simultaneously very excited and very nervous about.  MLB debuts tend to be very good or very bad, you know?  So I am just crossing my fingers tight for this to be one of the former.

Diamond Girl

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My Letter to the Padres

Dear San Diego Padres,

Look.  I know we’ve had our differences.  I know I hated you with something of a burning passion last year- and, okay, much of this year- and I may have made one too many cracks about Jon Daniels vs. Jed Hoyer, but deep down we’re friends, right?  I mean, I hope so.  Because I have a teeny-tiny favor to ask of you.

You are going to be inhabiting Chase Field, the home of the much-feared Diamondbacks this evening and I, well, need you to beat them.

Pretty simple, really.  Just get a few hits, throw some nice pitches and come out with the W. 

The reason I’m proposing this is that it’s really good for both of us.  My Giants get a chance to end today only 2 games back and you get a chance to be only, eh, 11 games back!  Win-win, I know.  You don’t need to tell me how smart I am.

Hey, if you want to just sweep ‘em, you could do that too!  Because, just between you and me, the Giants totally rained on my parade yesterday.  I was sniffing my fingers-which-smelled-like-lemons-due-to-my-making-of-lemon-bars and totally, 100% ready for a win and then they went and… lost.  Sometimes my optimism is hard to keep going.  Which is, of course, why I could use a little help from you.

Thankfully, the lemon bars were perfectly delicious.  So my day was not entirely ruined.

So do we have a deal, Pads?  What if I throw in a new name for your stadium?  (Because even you must admit that Petco Park is rather lame.)  I’m thinking something along the lines of Prada Park or Stadium of Marc Jacobs.  You know.


Diamond Girl

p.s.  Cole Hamels cannot walk the runway.  In case there was ever a question about that.

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Me and Yoda Open Offer Baseball Predictions!

Give me a moment while I watch highlights of Lincecum’s pitching last night for the fifteenth time, will you?

Okay, done.

No, wait.  Now I need to go watch highlights of Lincecum’s hitting last night!  Takes “he can do it all” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? 

Last night felt like a party atmosphere to me.  I kept thinking it was Orange Friday, but I think it was actually just a mid-week release of orange energy.  Either way, there was no way the Giants couldn’t win.   And a 2-1 victory of the San Diego Padres made it all the sweeter.

And then there was Beltran.  Boy, was there Beltran.  In his first day back in the lineup he was 1-4, but that one was rather awesome.  He hit his first home run at AT&T Park (aka, where baseballs go to die) and altogether made up for the time he’s spent on the place that definitely warrants a scarier name than Disabled List.  I am liking Carlos again.  And feeling optimistic.  Again.

The Giants are back on their by-the-skin-of-their-teeth ways and while that’s a little hard while it’s happening, it’s fun to look back on.  And it’s not out of the realm of possibility to people to win divisions that way, now is it?

Houston is in town, now, which doesn’t bring back the loveliest of memories, but there’s no time like the present to start a winning streak.

And I just have to take a long moment to say, Milwaukee is really, really good.  Like, mind-blowingly good.  10.0 games ahead of St. Louis and showing no signs of slowing. 

Go far this year, they will, sense I.

Me and Yoda are doing predictions about baseball right now.  If you want us to do one for you, all you have to do is ask.  We’re both semi-eternal optimists so we’ll say nice things to you. 

For instance, we see Zito coming back right at the end of the season and d-o-m-i-n-a-t-e.  Isn’t Yoda the best?

Diamond Girl

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