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Carlos the Giant (Yep, There’s a Photo!) and The Desperate Ballplayers Being Non-Desperate

The last of the pecan rolls are gone and I am sitting here sniffling about what may have been Carlos Beltran’s last game at home in a Mets uniform and trying to picture him in a Giants uni.

I was having a hard time, so…

This followed.

And after looking at my photo editing genius long and hard I came to two conclusions: 1) I am a photo editing genius (sorry, did I already say that?) and 2) I’m not totally sold on Carlos being a good fit for the Giants.  Even if we could, by some stretch of the imagination, get him for a few low level prospects.  Beltran is batting .290 with 15 homers.  He’s not brute strength.  But he’s a distant cousin, I think.  And I guess I just wonder how The Big Bat acquisition would actually influence the team.  Last year at the trade deadline there were similar discussions of getting something to bolster the offense in a big way, but we ended up with Javier Lopez and Ramon Ramirez and after the trade deadline, some fantastic waiver acquisitions.  I guess Carlos Beltran feels like the easy, obvious way out.  And though I’m a Giants fan, I do live in A’s territory, so maybe it’s some inbred Moneyball complex that makes me opposed to it.  Then again, assuming he goes over to a contender, that could make problems for San Francisco down the road.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?  Either way, I do like Beltran and have 2006 playoff nostalgia, so if he comes, I think the team could run with it.  But I’m not sending Brian Sabean urgent texts about this just yet.

I also just got around to watching The Franchise and I think this episode was a big step down from the last one.  Not at all Desperate Ballplayers-ish.  Maybe they were hoping the Giants would have a trainwreck season and all this winning just isn’t suited for the cameras.  More specifically, I understand that Vogelsong is a good story, I really do, but I just think we’ve heard enough for a little while.  And of course this was the one where they put the bright lights on Brian Wilson, which left me drumming my fingers.  Even for Wilson, it wasn’t very innovative or new.

The good parts!

Ryan congratulating Bochy was sweet, if it felt a little staged.  But he really. needs. to. cut. the. hair.  Pronto.

Scenic shots of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is show is definitely not targeted at San Fran’ers.

And then Barry’s totally amazing kitchen and chairs- they’re even orange!- and sunglasses.  The white pants?  Not so much.  I so want his aquarium, too.  I do, however, wonder about his whole being away from civilization thing.  I mean, this view hardly constitutes the wild.

So another week ending firmly in first place.  The Giants aren’t running away with the division exactly, but I always liked walking better anyway.  And they are most certainly walking away with it.

Diamond Girl

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The Perks of Being a Loser, Including Our Resident Smart Ballplayer Who Actually Reads Political Memoirs

For the record, I am not really calling the Giants losers after one game like that.  I am just so in love with the title of Emma Watson’s newest project, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” that I had to use it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I hate when the Giants lose and have no offense.  But it does have perks!  It all puts me into neurotic girl-fan mode and I, well, bake.  A lot.  The product of today’s loss?  The awesomest pecan rolls ever.  If I do say so myself.  My family does not mind the loss at all.  Except for The Brother, who does not like pecan rolls (how can you not like pecan rolls?  No idea.) and asks me ever so earnestly to please make chocolate cake next time.  I said yes.  So he’s probably rooting for another loss soon.

These are the pecan rolls in their beautiful uncooked state.

Am I trying to get all our minds off that game?  Yes, I am.  But it has to be discussed some time and there’s no time like the present.  Let’s do this!

Timmy faced Clayton by some loveliness of the schedule that pitted the aces against each other.  It was a great pitching game, with the Dodgers getting 3 hits and 1 run and the Giants getting 3 hits and, ahem, no runs.  Which tallies- if you’re not real good with math- for a 1-0 final score, LA winning.

As depressing as the train of 0’fers is, it really was a stellar pitcher they were facing and San Francisco took two out of three from the series.  I won’t repeat the stale saying that if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record, but… if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record.  It’s true.

And Chris Stewart got two hits, which makes me irrationally smiley.  He is our resident Smart Ballplayer here, who spends his copious amounts of downtime reading historical fiction and political memoirs and “whatever piques his interest”.  I wasn’t aware that anyone actually reads that stuff – remember when they call political memoirs “the black hole of publishing” in The Ghost?  So I was impressed with him.  And then that arm.  That arm.  I am in love with that arm.  I also saw him in Fresno in April and I’ve kind of had an affinity for him ever since.  He also has stated that his favorite football teams are the Dallas Cowboys.  Think that means he likes the Rangers too, but is afraid to say it?  I will have to explore this further.  So his hits were definitely a perk.  As much I like Eli, I am kind of hoping Chris wins the backup job when Buster comes back.  Just thinking about the distant future here.

So, see?  There are perks to losing a game here and there.  The Brewers are coming to town on Friday which I am alternately very excited/not excited at all about.  Ryan seems to be alive and kicking and healthy(ish), which is, of course, News That Makes Me Totally Stoked.

Now if only Pablo heal up nice and fast and Jeff Keppinger (I so needed Google to get the name right) would display some wonderful skills with the bat, my nerves would calm down not to mention we’d have way fewer dishes to do to, following my baking sprees.

Sorry, I refuse to say Happy Hump Day.  But Happy Wednesday!

Diamond Girl

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Band of Misfits 2.0 Starts Now, 7 Things About VogelStrong and Our Knight in Shining Armor Beat Writer

Today has been a big day in roster moves. Despite everything Bobby Evans (VP of Baseball Operations for the Giants) said about The Other Brandon/Brandon #2- Crawford has now taken sole possession of the Brandon #1 title- not coming back up until September, the third catcher on this roster has been sent down and Belt is back up. Three’s a crowd.  [I spoke preemptively/psychically here.  H. Sanchez was sent down, today 07/20/11, but not on the day of this post, 07/19/11.]  Not a shocking move. Meanwhile, the Astros seem to be trying to stockpile their farm system- or maybe just do something, anything because they have way too much time on their hands- with mid-ish level prospects and they traded second basemen Jeff Keppinger to the Giants (going to have to figure out how to spell this guy’s name sometime!) for pitchers Henry Sosa and Jason Stoffel today. Keppinger is 30 years old and he’s played in 48 games this year, with a batting average of .307. He has the quintessential baseball player beard, but other than that I can’t tell you a whole lot about him. He seems like he could be a good acquisition, but only time will tell. Band of misfits 2.0 starts NOW!

Meanwhile, VogelStrong (yep, I’ve cracked and started calling him that corny nickname) is tearing it up.  I know I’m a little late to the party, but he has me pretty well convinced of his brilliance now.  So! 

7 Things About Vogey:

7.  For just a few days, he had enough innings to qualify for the ERA standings.  And he has the league lead at 2.02.

6.  At .258, only four active Giants have a higher batting average than him (those are Sandoval, Scheirholtz and Ross).  Sadly, he does not have nearly enough at-bats to qualify him for anything in that realm.  Which is why, if this pitching thing ever falls through, I could totally imagine him as a first basemen with power.  I mean, not that this pitching thing looks like it’s going to fall through any time soon.  Just good to have a back-up plan, you know?

5.  His birthday is coming up in three days, July 22nd.  Will there be cupcakes?  Yes, there will be.

4.  His full name is Ryan Andrew Vogelsong.  Which is basically the only differentiating factor between him and the masses of Ryans in the Majors today.

3.  He has way better facial hair/sideburns than Wilson.  So it’s no surprise that on Twitter his hashtag, #VogelStrong, is so the new #FeartheBeard. 

2.  He did, however, spur the short-lived #RibbonGate last night, until our knight in shining armor beat writer Henry Schulman shot the whole thing down.  It was a good conspiracy theory while it lasted.

1.  He’s endlessly stoic on the field and in interviews, but a quick YouTube search shows that he does like a good time.  And he sings.  No matter how terribly (honestly, I can’t really hear him), he sings, people.  My heart is melting a bit.

More Dodger Blueness tonight.  I am not at all adverse to the idea of “Hug LA”, but I’m also not at all adverse to the idea of beating them again.  I will just avert my eyes when Loney is up and remind myself that he is a rival of my team and of San Francisco.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  But I am getting better.

Diamond Girl

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Why Barry Is Like An Ice Cream Cone in the Sun, Blonde JD and Other Assorted Second Halfness

Well… so… mini-blowouts, blowouts and tight games.  We’ve gotten some pretty good entertainment this weekend.

July 15th, 2011.  In the scheme of blowouts, Giants vs. Padres game ranked with some of the best.  If you’re looking at the 6-1 final score and wondering what’s up with me, then just believe me when I say that felt like a blowout/offensive explosion, overall nice game.  We could call it a mini-blowout.

July 16th, 2011?  That’s maybe a more classic blowout, featuring a Padres win, a 11-3 final score and a Zito meltdown of vaguely epic proportions.  Painful doesn’t cut it.  I mean, I would say that one blowout deserves another, except if that was going to happen, couldn’t we have at least scored a nice round 10 runs or something, before we gave it right back?

And then July 17th, 2011.  Let’s just say the two teams together left 18 runners on and neither got even one extra base hit.  It was a nail-biter and the Giants won 4-3 in the 11th with a suicide squeeze.  That kind of game.

I think whether or not you’re a Zito fan like me, his start has to be disappointing and the one real downer of the series.  It has so felt like he might be getting something good going.  I said his third start back from the disabled list would be the catalyst, but I was wrong.  This is what everyone’s going to remember.

Let me give you my favorite Zito analogy.

Zito when he’s doing well is a chocolate ice cream cone.

But when he goes… he goes fast.  Like an ice cream cone in the sun.

Let’s do a little brightsideness!  The offense has looked encouraging.  While Pablo’s hit streak ended on Friday, he got it right back going, Tejada has looked- dare I say it?- okay, actually and Fontenot’s been a total sparkplug.  Even Aubrey’s gotten a few hits.  You have to get those sad games like Saturday’s out of the way and the Giants just took three out of four from San Diego.  That feels absolutely magic to say.  Not to mention that Matt came out victorious in the Matt vs. Mat matchup.  Small pleasures, you know?

And don’t look now but he Rangers are on an, eh, 11 game winning streak.  Say that aloud for good measure, okay?  I am excited about this because a) that that means they have an identical record to the Giants (World Series re-match, anyone?) and b) I have a sneaking suspicion/dream that Jon Daniels will die his hair blonde again.  And make pictures available to the media.  In the meantime, this will have to do.

Diamond Girl

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I Do Believe in Fairies!

A home run in the ninth to tie a game in San Diego is like a blueberry muffin with that coarse sugar on top.

Then a five run 12th?

That’s like five blueberry muffins with that coarse sugar on top.

I mean, what a nice way to start the second half!  Not to mention getting MadBum off the hook for another seriously hard luck loss.

The big news today is that Pat Burrell was placed on the disabled list and Hector Sanchez- fresh from starting the season in Single A- is coming up to the Majors.  I’m so curious to see how he does and not half as sad as I should be about Burrell meeting the DL.  I hope he’s okay and everything, I just can’t say I’ll miss him that much.  I’ve heard whisperings about Chris Stewart going back to AAA or being designated for assignment in near(ish) future.  I would like to take this moment to say that I think he is a hot streak waiting to happen.  I really do.  I’ve developed a fondness for him and I hope he gets a while more with the Giants to, eh, get going.  Get that .170 batting average up a li’l.

Aubrey Huff seems convinced that last night is a sign of his second half hotness being in display.  And I am, just for today, totally believing in fairies and that being true.  X’s and O’s, Aubrey.  X’s and O’s.

And then let’s take a glowing moment for our hit streak boys (at 22 and 23, respectively).

Happy Timmy Day, everyone!

Diamond Girl

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