Band of Misfits 2.0 Starts Now, 7 Things About VogelStrong and Our Knight in Shining Armor Beat Writer

Today has been a big day in roster moves. Despite everything Bobby Evans (VP of Baseball Operations for the Giants) said about The Other Brandon/Brandon #2- Crawford has now taken sole possession of the Brandon #1 title- not coming back up until September, the third catcher on this roster has been sent down and Belt is back up. Three’s a crowd.  [I spoke preemptively/psychically here.  H. Sanchez was sent down, today 07/20/11, but not on the day of this post, 07/19/11.]  Not a shocking move. Meanwhile, the Astros seem to be trying to stockpile their farm system- or maybe just do something, anything because they have way too much time on their hands- with mid-ish level prospects and they traded second basemen Jeff Keppinger to the Giants (going to have to figure out how to spell this guy’s name sometime!) for pitchers Henry Sosa and Jason Stoffel today. Keppinger is 30 years old and he’s played in 48 games this year, with a batting average of .307. He has the quintessential baseball player beard, but other than that I can’t tell you a whole lot about him. He seems like he could be a good acquisition, but only time will tell. Band of misfits 2.0 starts NOW!

Meanwhile, VogelStrong (yep, I’ve cracked and started calling him that corny nickname) is tearing it up.  I know I’m a little late to the party, but he has me pretty well convinced of his brilliance now.  So! 

7 Things About Vogey:

7.  For just a few days, he had enough innings to qualify for the ERA standings.  And he has the league lead at 2.02.

6.  At .258, only four active Giants have a higher batting average than him (those are Sandoval, Scheirholtz and Ross).  Sadly, he does not have nearly enough at-bats to qualify him for anything in that realm.  Which is why, if this pitching thing ever falls through, I could totally imagine him as a first basemen with power.  I mean, not that this pitching thing looks like it’s going to fall through any time soon.  Just good to have a back-up plan, you know?

5.  His birthday is coming up in three days, July 22nd.  Will there be cupcakes?  Yes, there will be.

4.  His full name is Ryan Andrew Vogelsong.  Which is basically the only differentiating factor between him and the masses of Ryans in the Majors today.

3.  He has way better facial hair/sideburns than Wilson.  So it’s no surprise that on Twitter his hashtag, #VogelStrong, is so the new #FeartheBeard. 

2.  He did, however, spur the short-lived #RibbonGate last night, until our knight in shining armor beat writer Henry Schulman shot the whole thing down.  It was a good conspiracy theory while it lasted.

1.  He’s endlessly stoic on the field and in interviews, but a quick YouTube search shows that he does like a good time.  And he sings.  No matter how terribly (honestly, I can’t really hear him), he sings, people.  My heart is melting a bit.

More Dodger Blueness tonight.  I am not at all adverse to the idea of “Hug LA”, but I’m also not at all adverse to the idea of beating them again.  I will just avert my eyes when Loney is up and remind myself that he is a rival of my team and of San Francisco.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  But I am getting better.

Diamond Girl

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