Monday Madness, Why The Home Run Derby Is Consumerist, A Caption Contest and A Hair Review

This morning, I woke up to wall to wall All Star coverage.  But for just a moment, last night, did anyone else hear a very quiet, peaceful planet in Break Mode?  It was kind of beautiful.  It’s like the deep breath before the plunge of the second half. 

But first… the All Star Game!  I have a love-hate relationship with it and I am really, really sad that Ryan Braun, A-Rod, Justin Verlander and Matt Cain won’t be in the game, among others.  Still, I was thrilled to hear that Alexi, Dave Robertson and Pablo Sandoval are replacements.  You win some, you lose some.  In the end, is it just me who vaguely feels like everyone is in the ASG, though?  I know I’ll end up watching, just ‘cause, but expect a lot of snarky Selig comments from me during it.

May I also just say that I’d never seen Chase Field from the outside before now, but I just saw it on MLB Network and it is hideous.  Seriously.  Why does MLB insist on hosting events in architectural nightmares?

The Giants definitely finished the first half on a high note, taking two out of three from the Mets and standing firmly in first place, three games ahead of the Diamondbacks and (little gasp) 8.5 ahead of the Rockies.  There are tight races going on in just about every division, but the NL West is pretty spread out right this second.  Overall, it’s been a roller coaster first half on San Francisco’s part with some lingering bad facial hair.  I’m pumped for Part 2.

And secretly pumped for the Home Run Derby tonight.  I think it’s consumerist (though, read my bio and then decide if you think I have a problem with consumerism) and I seriously object but I’m a li’l pumped anyway.  No one tell Bud.  I mean it.

I’d also like to do a quick caption contest.  My caption for this still from a recent TV interview with Jon Daniels?

I want a suite like this, Chuck Greenberg!”

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Michael Young looks so. much. better. with short hair.


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7 responses to “Monday Madness, Why The Home Run Derby Is Consumerist, A Caption Contest and A Hair Review

  1. Robert Seeds

    Chase Field, formerly Bank One Ballpark (“Bob”) is basically an aircraft hanger that opens from the top rather than the side. It is OK inside, if you are a swimming pool in right field kind of person. I’m not. And the food is horrible. Fortunately, the BEST PIZZA RESTAURANT IN THE COUNTRY is within walking distance. I highly recommend it.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I am not a swimming pool in right field kind of person either, though I am all for diversity at ballparks. I like features that make a stadium unique and I think the pool suits Arizona. If I am ever there, I will have to check out that pizza. Looks good!

  2. Christina

    I am poking around the baseball blog world…yours was the first I visited. :) It’s fun to “meet” someone who is a kindred spirit. I am going to snoop around your blog now-just wanted to say,”Hi.”

  3. I haven’t seen Chase from the outside, but it looks alright from the inside. As for the ASG, it seems like this year more people are worried about who ISN’T there vs. who is. It’s too bad some big names won’t be there, but it’s not like the teams are made up of nobodies either.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I’ve seen the inside of the stadium on TV and it looks fine. I just happened to see an arial view and it isn’t beautiful :) There has been a big focus on absences this year, more than who WILL be there. The All Star Game is just wacky in so many ways but the bottom line is lots and lots of good players will be playing and it should be a fun game to watch. It’s a good point, we need to hear that more!

  4. Robert Seeds

    Diamond Girl, if you ever fly into Phoenix (spring training maybe?) you fly just south of the ballpark, if you are on the left side of the plane you can’t miss it. Good Mexican food not far west of it, in the ‘hood.

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