A Padres Rookie Walked Off and Drank Shirley Temples, Right?

I’m a totally lame fan and after the 12th inning I switched off my radio.  In my defense, I was reading about crack dealers in Chicago in Freakenomics and it was pretty riveting.  And when I finished, I fell asleep, so…  Not to mention that I’d already spent two hours at an under-five-feet baseball game earlier.  Excuses, excuses!

What did I dream about?  A Padres rookie who had his first walk-off ever and so, according to team tradition, was drinking Shirley Temples and taking midnight batting practice. 

Then Brian Wilson walked in, sans beard, and I gave him a thumbs up for shaving it.  He thanked me very pleasantly. 

You know what actually happened last night?

(Gotta love that Padres pitcher’s motion, by the way.)

Actually, Nate Schierholtz had his first walk off hit.  Whether he drank a Shirley Temple or not is unconfirmed.   But he didn’t just walk off.  He hit a home run- his second of the night- that bounced into the Cove.  It was one of the purest home run shots I’ve ever seen, such a smooth and integral motion.  I can’t stop watching it, over and over.

Nate has totally been a secret weapon this year.   Cody’s the champion right fielder and everything, but personally I feel real nice about having Schierholtz guarding triples alley and taking a spot in the lineup. 

And then there was, well, the bullpen.  They were unbelievably beautiful, even if Wilson looked a little shaky at first, and eventually threw a cool eight innings of two-hitter-ness. 

Isn’t it amazing how a feeling about a team can change so dramatically in just one day?  My mood app (mood rings are seriously passé, for the record) is getting a workout, that’s for sure.   This is one of those strange things called a four game series, so we have one last breathe-this-is-only-the-first-half game against the Padres this evening.  It’s Barry pitching for the Giants, which should be interesting.   I think his third start back will be catalyst game for him.  This time, I promise to listen to the whole thing.  Baseball gods, don’t go and make it 17 innings now, okay?

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “A Padres Rookie Walked Off and Drank Shirley Temples, Right?

  1. Robert Seeds

    DG that drink in your picture is almost certainly not a Shirley Temple. That would be served in a tall cylindrical glass and be redder. That picture depicts a wonderful cocktail called a Manhattan. It is served ice cold in the classic martini glass, with a cherry. It is 2/3 rye or bourbon whiskey and 1/3 sweet vermouth (basically fortified wine with herbs and other flavors), and just a bit of bitters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitters) for a puckery note.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I was equally suspicious of that photo claiming to be of a Shirley Temple- it doesn’t look like one. So I guess the Padres rookie was drinking a Manhattan then? Could be worse.

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