Now Seems Like a Good Time to Discuss Me and My Pirate History and the Columbus Clippers

Yesterday’s Giants game made me smile huge.  First, the mis-communicated hit and run made me laugh.  My brother has been teaching me his All Star team’s signs and they are really, truly complicated.  I know a missed sign should outrage me, but then it turned out so well, so can I really complain?  Not to mention I had been eating whipped cream that evening and was in a pretty good mood, so I was letting things slide.  And then there are few things I love more than a pitcher getting an RBI hit.

On the mound, Cain wasn’t his best.  The offense also wasn’t, ahem, their best (what even is their best?).  Torres felt disrespected and outraged.  The world hated Aaron Rowand with a passion usually reserved for people who steal candy or balloons from children or something.

(Sorry had to break out the Despicable Balloon scene again.)

To be clear, Rowand did none of the above.  The Padres are, creepily, not in last place anymore and a 2010-way-too-close-for-comfort 8 games out of first place.  Okay, maybe not way too close for comfort.  Just a little bit.  I admit it, I am Padre-Paranoid.   A win would be a nice thing right about, well, now.

But I actually want to talk about the Pirates.  I know, everyone wants to talk about the Pirates.  Which is why I want to take you back to July 31st, 2010 when I posted this and changed my background to the yellow and black:

Pittsburgh Diamond Girl

I am now officially a Pirates fan.  Showing solidarity.

(Joe Martinez was traded to the Bucs.)

Don’t worry, San Fran’ers.  I’ll be a Giantette again soon.


See?  I was a Pirates fan way back when they were not in second place and actually making a mid-season run.  I’m very happy for them that they’re doing well and so is Joey, for that matter.  He’s 6-3 with a 4.09 for the Indians AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers.

Don’t their colors suit him, too?  I think we need some Ryan Vogelsong magic to bring him back to the Pirates (his former team, if only for a few months) and take them to the World Series.  If you’re out there, Neal Huntington…?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Let’s all channel positive energy to Ryan Braun so he’ll get well soon and play in the All Star Game, okay?

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