Last night was not torture.  It was just strange.  Okay, maybe it was a bit of torture.  But mostly it just left me scratching my head, thanking the stars for a win and thinking about all the juicy storylines for this blog post.

The real thing that stands out to me is Jeremy Affeldt.  He came in at the super tense, tight moment and did exactly what a he needed to do: he shut it down.

Then there’s Pablo, of course.   On a hitting streak and pretty much acting as the lone Person Who Can Connect a Bat to a Ball on the team.  If you look at it that way, it’s a little sad.  But if you look at him at this point last year, then it’s not sad at all.   And have you noticed Chris Stewart’s arm?

I don’t want to give Wilson all the attention he seems to covet so dearly, but I have to say that his “outburst” last night in the dugout was strange.  If he’d looked genuinely angry and raging, I would get it.  But he didn’t, at least in the clips I saw.  He looked like, well, he was putting on a show for the cameras.  Like he really wanted that clip on SportsCenter (despite his claim that he “doesn’t watch SC.”)

Not to mention, it was childish and uncalled for.  He doesn’t have anything on the mound right now.  Smashing things doesn’t help.  He should step back and look at the issues and try and fix the problem(s).  He’s the closer for the defending World Champions, you know?  Acting like a five year old (though I’ve rarely met a five year old with that little class) is not mandatory.   What I really thought when I watched the clip was, how awkward would it be to be in the dugout with him while he does that?  I mean, how are you supposed to react?  I’m going to need to poll some ballplayers on that.

Anyhow.  Zito is pitching in Detroit later this afternoon and I have no idea what to expect.  An offensive outburst would be nice although we probably had one too recently to get another one today.  And since Barry’s never pitched on three day’s rest in the Majors that should be interesting too.   We’re past the half-way point and hurdling towards the All Star Break and all I’m able to do is sit back and cross my fingers.

Giants Baseball:  Unpredictable.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The snow-cone double part of the Rangers vs. Astros game?  Too funny.  The final score- 7-0 Astros- part?  Not so funny.  I also think Kinsler totally spotted the ball hitting the snow cones.

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