My Crystal Ball is a Lemon But I Am Now Able to Exhale

Where to start?  (Other than the fact that my crystal ball saw the, ahem, opposite of wins in the future for the Giants in the double header.  But we’re not going to talk about that.)

Maybe we could talk about the 30 hits the Giants had yesterday.  Maybe the fact that San Fran outscored the Cubbies 19-10Or maybe that fact that although Vogey was iffy, he got the win and that Zito’s comeback was a good as it was unexpected.

I, of course, missed the Barry’s brilliance because it was a Tuesday and there are an awful lot of Lord of the Rings movies and AMC was showing ‘em all in June.  Four and a half hours and many tears (this was the last one!) later, I got home to see the box score and exhaled.  Who knows where Zito will go from here but this felt a tiny bit like make-up for that dismal day against San Diego last fall.   He came back and just did his thing.  He was acting a little odd (case in point: “For me, a lot of focus is required to do that.  I might be more emotional tomorrow.  Talk to me then.  Postpone the interview.”)  I mean, if it works for him, that’s good by me.  And if the fuchsia pillows work then emotional detachment isn’t a long shot at all.

Me and my inner skeptic are very skeptical about the offensive wonderfulness, but it’s still fun while it lasts.  Timmy can deal with minimal run support, so I think either way tonight will be a good game.

The team showed resilience in a pesky doubleheader (I hate DHs.  Sue me, but I am not old school and I don’t see the point.) and I also came to the realization that Reed Johnson is on the Cubs.  That may not seem like a big deal but I seriously though he was still on the Dodgers.  The world was off balance for a little while there.

But then Zito got a win and Brandon Crawford was characteristically lovely and the world became right again.  There’s more Chicago-ness tonight.  Remind me why we play them so much?  This had better be it for the year.  I am so ready for Detroit.

The other thing that’s intriguing to me are the interviews with just about all of the General Managers and they all say (read: whine) that the market is hard because very few teams are out of contention or willing to admit they are.  It’s early, of course, but I don’t see this trade season being a frightfully exciting one and either way, Sabean’s not really a blockbuster trader.  Which is why I am having a hard time explaining my giddy excitement for July 31st (only a month away!).  I am only supposed to have this level of excitment about the Winter Meetings.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my aforementioned crystal ball keeps showing Ryan Braun going to the Giants despite his no trade clause/the fact that someone’s gotta pay him through 2032.  I think that thing’s a lemon.

Diamond Girl

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