If This Doesn’t Teach You That a) Patience is a Virtue and b) Flukes Happen, Nothing Will.

A picture perfect day in the Bay Area is ending and we have three picture perfect people to discuss:

3.  Chris Stewart

2.  Jeremy Affeldt

1.  Madison Bumgarner

They’re each perfect for their own reasons.  Stewart is the quintessential underdog getting a back-up chance because of an injury.  Maybe he hasn’t made himself invaluable, but he’s certainly making a case for valuable.  His hits are rather timely and his cannon is… a cannon.  For lack of a better word.

Affeldt has had his fair share of struggles and doubt from fans but his dominance today was something to watch and it couldn’t have been better timed.  He is beautiful.  Not the weird beard, or anything.  His presence on the mound and his pitches are what I talking about.  And, you know, for every strikeout he records he donates money to Free2Play.  So this was kind of a good day for the fight against human trafficking.

Speaking of dominance?

This post goes out to the People Who Wanted MadBum to skip a start.  If this doesn’t teach you that a) patience is a virtue and b) flukes happen, nothing will.  That is all.  His performance speaks for itself.

So the Giants just swept the Indians.  I type that in ever so slight disbelief and a huge, huge smile on my face.  And I am not a huge smiler, usually.  The great thing about that is that it catapults the Giants into first place, a game (and nice li’l .5) in front of Arizona and the Tigers into first place, a game ahead of the Indians.  This is called a double whammy, people, and I am loving it.  Four more series to go before the All Star Break and I am feeling positive beyond belief.  Maybe it’s that raspberry sorbet popsicle I had during a Palo Alto pool party (way too Social Network reminiscent for my taste, I kept quoting Sean Parker).  But I’m inclined to think it’s a team called the San Francisco Giants.

Sweet dreams and happy summer.  It feels like it’s finally here.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Good choice, ESPN!  Or maybe they enlisted help from Frank McCourt’s guru on what game to feature and it wasn’t their idea at all?

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