The Lowdown On Posey/Sabean/Cousins/The Waterfall of Negative Energy

As you probably know, Brian Sabean went on KNBR yesterday and made some scathing and unpleasant (understatement of the year? Perhaps) remarks about the whole Buster Posey/Scott Cousins situation.  You can listen to the podcast here.

The two opinions seem to be a) it was a calculated move to rile his team and b) he was angry and just out of line.  If it was A, fine.  I don’t think riling is the greatest course of action when the person in question has a whole security team due to death threats.  But fine.  And if it was B?  He’s been a General Manager for 14 long years.  Surely he knows how to control his temper to the press.

Either way, his statements could have left us all thinking, he’s angry and bold… and classy!  Frankly, they left me thinking, that’s totally classless.  As I’ve said before, when you’re employed by Major League Baseball you have a responsibility to speak to the media as a spokesperson for them at all times.  If you want to rile your team, shut the door and pull down the curtains and speak your mind.  When you’re on the radio, a few clichés are just fine.  I sure hope the rumors are right and the Dodgers manager (because he will always be that, in my mind) makes Sabes apologize.

I also, honestly, object to Brian calling the injury “horrific”.  The definition of that word is “grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror; “subjected to outrageous cruelty”; “a hideous pattern of injustice”;”.  There are truly horrific injuries (keeping this within baseball…. Bryan Stow, anybody?) and Posey has a broken ankle.  Believe me, I am a fan of this team and it breaks my heart.  This is Posey’s life and career and livelihood.  This is beyond enormous  and career defining to him and I understand that.  I just think we should keep in perspective that he has a broken ankle and a world class medical staff tending to him.  I just don’t think it cuts it as “horrific”.

Mostly, I’m sad that we have to debate this.  Posey had a terrible injury and instead of the public’s focus being on positive change (making a rule to prevent this from happening again) and trying to make the team succeed anyway, it’s all on this PR nightmare.

So since I can’t stand negative energy, I’m going to leave it at that and not blame the team for their management.  The Rockies are in town, there was a win last night, the Giants are in first place, it’s Orange Friday and there is much to be done.  Hugs all around (that includes Cousins!), okay?

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “The Lowdown On Posey/Sabean/Cousins/The Waterfall of Negative Energy

  1. Thank you for being one of the only people not blowing this situation out of proportion. It is just a broken ankle, Posey will recover in due time, and meanwhile we should all be focusing on getting through this season–not dragging this incident out any longer. I hope Sabean takes some time to cool off and refocus soon; we don’t need hotheads in the Giants clubhouse right now.

  2. Robert Seeds

    It was a clean play under the rules and Sabean needs to get over it. What he should really be thinking about is, is it wise for your best hitter to be a catcher, when Posey could play anywhere in the infield (All American Short Stop in college ball, not suggesting he play short but first or third seem natural) and avoid turning his legs into stone squatting behind the plate and otherwise subjecting himself to all of the risks of catching?
    Hope to see you at the Epic Battle between the Rays and the Mets tomorrow, weather permitting.

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