(Don’t worry about it.  I can’t read those pronunciation guides either.)

Happy Birthday to Dave Flemming and happy wedding to Dave Feldhouse!   They are both great KNBR people and I’d honestly rather sing their praises than talk about this game.  But putting something off never made it any better, so…

This one hurts.  Literally and physically.

Not a whole lot of other ways to say that.

Listening to Pat Burrell on defense brought back memories of the Roman soldiers stuffing parsley in their ears so they don’t have to ear the atrocious bard singing.  I seriously went looking for parsley during some of the worse moment of today’s game, but unfortunately (fortunately?) our house doesn’t really stock it.

So I listened (minus parsley) in a horrified little ball during the 8th inning and at the same time chanted “M-I-A-M-I” to get my mind off things.  I have a feeling Rangers/Cowboys/Mavericks come as a package, but Miami is more fun to say than Dallas so Texas is out of luck this series.

Back to the game.

The part that really horrified me was Brandon getting injured.  Me and contusion (Noun: A region of injured tissue or skin in which blood capillaries have been ruptured; a bruise.) are getting to know each other a little too well.

I could say our bullpen is a massive failure but the massive failure element, Jeremy, actually did really well today.  It was Romo who faltered.  And Javi Lopez.   We all have bad days.  I mean, I have days where I walk into doors excuse me to parking meters.  A few runs are nothing compared to that, right?  I’m just going to make some tea and dream about winning baseball teams and a dictionary in which the word “contusion” does not exist.

Tomorrow is Happy Timmy Day and two out of three wouldn’t be bad and June is a nice shiny new start.  Just shape up, bullpen.  One bad day is fine and understandable.  Two?  My patience wears thin.  And no more of those bruise things.  I mean it.

Diamond Girl

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One response to “con•tu•sion/kənˈto͞oZHən/

  1. As an east coaster, I was so excited to watch Timmy pitch last night…and then he let me down :(

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