The Whole Correlation Thing

I’ m going to do this even faster than the last post, okay?


I told you I was going to do it fast.  You want it a little slower?

The Brewers swept the Giants who hit dismally and basically looked like a terrible team not to mention it was really hard on the psyche of yours truly.

What made it even harder was the fact that I wore my new Brewers hat because, hey, I need a hat to shield my freckles from the sun and then promptly forgot I was wearing it and started talking about my Giants fandom.  Got some really weird looks.  I eventually tried to explain my tri-fandom, but nobody gets that so my sanity seemed to be basically a lost cause in their eyes.  Oops.

Whiteside has one hit since Posey’s injury and Chris Stewart, who started today, had none.  It would be easy to blame the lack of runs on the lack of Buster, but I think if they’re at all correlated it’s mostly psychological.  Buster wasn’t really lighting it up at the plate or anything.

I’m honestly not sure what to say (well, except for this whole post).  There are limitless amounts of trades to propose and people to slam, but doesn’t it kind of feel like if anyone’s going to do it, it’s this group and they either need to heat up or they’re sunk?  Not that I would be opposed to upgrades.  I just don’t think we have a ripple effect squad on our hands.  On to St. Louis.  Time to heat up.  It’s summer, baby.

I would just like to finish by saying it’s not easy to be a neat-freak in a hotel.  The beds are made and the towels are folded and the room is impeccable before the maid even gets out of bed.  The line from A Night At the Opera “on a journey like this you oughta get every convenience you can get” comes to mind, but it’s not my fault if I need things organized and clean, is it?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am aware no photos are showing up.  Not sure why.  WordPress support is currently down, so we’ll have to try and tolerate the stone-age-ness.  Apologies.

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