The Other Brandon And The Lowdown on Female Friday

The other Brandon is Brandon Crawford who challenged my skepticism of his call-up in a hurry last night. With a grand-slam to give the Giants a lead in Milwaukee. I cheered almost as loudly for that as for Ryan Braun’s double and then I felt like a terrible person afterwards because, you know, I’m a Giants fan before I’m a Brewers fan. I genuinely hate when they play each other and I can’t wait for this series to be over so I can get back to my orange and black ways 100%.

Which is all not to detract from Brandon’s perfect moment. It was just unexpected and unscripted and breathed a little life into a team that is gasping right now. The losing streak was promptly snapped and I feel Bochy’s motivational speaking career is taking off.

The other fun thing about yesterday? The inaugural “Female Friday” on the Fitz and Brooks show in KNBR 680. Brooks is on vacation, so Fitz decided to do a show about female fans, asking for girl callers and guys about girl fans. It was interesting, funny and rare. I never hear female callers on sportstalk radio so I enjoyed sort of sourcing the women who listen to KNBR, but don’t usually call. And, of course, I couldn’t resist joining the conversation. I wrote in an email about, among other things, my love for general managers and they read it on air, which was really exciting because I am the biggest KNBR geek ever. I missed it because I was, appropriately perhaps, fashion photoshooting with high waisted blue jeans and vintage briefcases. It was a lot of fun, but I was sad to miss the rest of the show/my fifteen seconds of fame. Fist bumps to the KNBR people for doing it, though. Stoked for many more weeks of it. They need me on as an expert on female fans, don’t they? I have a lot of theories. Some of which are backed up by fact. Some of which are not.

I am now checking out for a weekend in a place I have never heard of because of- what else?- a baseball tournament. The hotel has a hot tub and I am a pushover, so I couldn’t say no to accompanying The Brother. Since this is, as I said, a place I have never heard of, I kind of guess I will have a lot of time on my hands. So checking out doesn’t necessarily mean no blog posts. Wish me luck in the backwater, okay? Thanks.

Diamond Girl

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