A Massive Assortment of Get Well Soon Cards Plus Lots of Brightsideness

We’re going on 24 hours since Buster Posey’s fateful moment and it still hurts to talk about it.  I seriously have sympathetic ankle pain.  It’s been chewed up and spit out by the media and then mashed over so I can’t say with any conviction what of this is true: He won’t be back this year. He won’t catch again.  The Giants are signing Bengie.  The world ended.

Okay, the last one isn’t true.  But the other ones might be.  I hope with every fiber in my body that he gets better in his own time and doesn’t rush it, that that’s incredibly soon and that he comes back to catcher with no problem.  And I would just about die if they signed Bengie.

Fittingly or at least predictably, the Giants then lost 1-0 today.  Vogelsong was excellent (don’t say a word about Barry Zito.  I mean it.  I am living in a blissful state of ignorance that there is any issue.  So zip it.) but the team did not seem to be buying the whole “adversity makes heroes” thing.  They will have to, in time, but it feels like the unbelievably stable rug was just pulled out from under us.  Forever just ended, you know?

There’s been so much debate about whether or not it was a clean play.  I think it was a just fine play.  Fun?  No.  But dirty?  Nah.

The bottom line is that disastrous, nightmare injuries happen and the team has to figure out how to pull through.  I’m surprised to hear Crawford was called up and a little skeptical of Belt coming back, but it will no doubt be fascinating to watch.  Adversity may or may not make heroes but it makes for some interesting storylines and what is a season without those?

Bright side, people.  Bright side.

Diamond Girl

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One response to “A Massive Assortment of Get Well Soon Cards Plus Lots of Brightsideness

  1. Luckily for Posey, it’s not a season-ender like it was for Santana in 2010. Posey will for sure be missed, but hey, it’s a part of the job to take those risks. Every time Matt Wieters blocks the plate, I shiver a little bit, even if he is like 9 feet tall and built like a wall.
    -Avi M
    2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

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