10 Possible Reasons the Giants Walk Off So Much

10.  They are being paid off to do it. There are a lot of suspects for this.  The TV networks.  Or B-Squad players who want more innings and opportunities.  Or ridiculously wealthy season ticket holders who want excitement and a little more bang for their buck.  Or, of course,  Showtime.  My suspicion lies there.

9.  They have a strange condition like Bella Swan (Twilight, anyone?) that leads them to thrill seek.

8.  Jed Hoyer/Ned Coletti/Kevin Towers/Daniel O’Dowd put their heads together and put a spell on the Giants so that they would always lose painfully in extras.  But it went awry and instead they always win in extras.

7.  It’s totally random and there is no explanation.

6.  Walk-off win years happen every so often.  I’m not real strong on math, so maybe some probability experts could take it from here?

5.  They are on a mission to prove that 2010 was really, really not a fluke, so they are trying to win heroically and as dramatically as possible.

4.  They’re borderline losers who can only squeeze out wins.

3.  They’re slow starters.  By inning 10 the bats start to heat up.  Go figure about inning 18, if that ever happened.

2.  Wearable blankets just have that effect on people.  (Unlikely, seeing as they’ve had lots of walk-off wins and tonight was the only one featuring the dreaded snuggies).

1.  It’s something in the water.  My vote goes to that.

Dark chocolate is good for the heart and my heart is way over-stressed.  So I’m going to break into the chocolate stash.  Catch y’all later.

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “10 Possible Reasons the Giants Walk Off So Much

  1. Robert Seeds

    Well, Diamond Girl, I was going to offer you my Official Giants Snuggly, but I guess I will need to find someone who will appreciate it more.

  2. Most likely #4 “They’re borderline losers who can only squeeze out wins.” kinda like my Orioles :(
    -Avi M
    2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

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