Where Is PETA When We Need Them?

Is this the cutest photo ever or is this the cutest photo ever?

Speaking of animals… (Although Po doesn’t really count as an animal.  He is a kung fu artist filled with Awesomeness.)


Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs)
5/19/11 4:51 PM
Presented without comment: Brian Wilson appears to have a large cheetah or leopard hide hanging across his locker. Head included.


Top 10 Veg-Friendly Major League Ballparks, topped by the San Francisco Giants

Does anyone else sense the tiniest bit of irony, there?  I have no idea if Brian’s cheetah/leopard hide is real but it still feels like the kind of thing that might set PETA off.  If I were the Giants (which I am not, in case you were wondering) I would respectfully suggest that he puts his cheetah/leopard hide out of sight when reporters are in the locker room.

In other news.  The Giants finished off the roadtrip with a tiny series sweep in Los Angeles and I’ll just say I’m glad for this trip to be over.  And really glad for Madison to get that first win.  The Cubs/Rockies/Dodgers series have been more freaky than I care to remember and I’m ready for some nice normal baseball tonight as we kick off Interleague Play with the A’s.  I’m not really huge into playing people who have incredibly antiquated things like designated hitters, but I do love it when the A’s face the Giants.  And to people who are sad that the Cahill vs. Lincecum match-up won’t be happening?  I think Cahill vs. Vogelsong might be pretty darn fun too.

There’s something else I want to mention, but in a totally not-complaining non-jinx kind of way.  Our pitchers have been hitting real good.  I love it.  It feels a little anti-AL.  But still.  It’s a little weird.

I am going to be volunteering (at a carnival!  With cotton candy and dunk tanks!) for several hours tomorrow, but I cleverly put my shift so that I will be all done by gametime.  It isn’t easy, but if you try hard enough you can be a nice person and a baseball fan at the same time.

Diamond Girl

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