Hello from Sunny SoCal!

It’s not sunny.  It’s chilly and overcast.  But it might as well be.
I am on a mini-vacation here but have, of course, managed to squeeze an Angels game into the agenda.  Photos/review will follow.  I’m still working on the whole hacking KNBR app thing so that I can listen to games on 680 while I’m down here, but I haven’t had a whole lot of success.  (Kidding.  I am not a hacker and I am not trying to cheat MLB.  Just to clear that up so my blog isn’t banned or something.)
The Giants completed a sweep of the Rockies on San Fran yesterday and breathed some life back into the 2011 season.  Make that a whole lot of life.  It just makes it all the more maddening because it shows how good this team can be when all the pieces work, they just gotta work more often.  The Diamondbacks are next and they are tied with the Dodgers for third place, so we can break out the D-O-A-B-L-E thing again, with a “very” at the beginning.  As much as I think the crowds should quiet down, being home seems to suit the Giants well.
The whole Vogelsong/Zito thing?  I’m not worried.  As far as I can tell, Zito won’t be back for a long time and a lot could change by that point.  If Vogelsong is tearing it up and Zito is atrocious, he can become the motivational speaker/guru for the team or something because the bottom line is that the hottest arm should be playing.  Then again, if Zito is doing passably, Vogelsong should go to the bullpen simply because he can and Zito can’t and the bullpen is very, very important even if not as coveted as the starting 5.

What I do have no idea about is Torres’s return.  It should get interesting out there.  I will be watching those lineups as they come out with baited breathe.  While I sit by the side of a pool that has a fake crocodile in it to scare away the ducks that like to live there.  I don’t buy that it’ll work.  Ducks aren’t stupid and that’s a lump of plastic.

Diamond Girl

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  1. blithescribe

    Neat. I hope you are enjoying your SoCal vacation complete with Central California weather. It’s been particularly gloomy and Santa Cruz spring-like these past few days. I can’t wait to read which Angels game you went to and want you thought of our fair stadium…though I doubt anything beats your Giants’ ocean view. I will be joining some Giants fan college friends at AT&T park for one of the Giants/Dodgers games in July and can’t wait to take it all in.
    This is a very simple game…

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