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(Don’t worry about it.  I can’t read those pronunciation guides either.)

Happy Birthday to Dave Flemming and happy wedding to Dave Feldhouse!   They are both great KNBR people and I’d honestly rather sing their praises than talk about this game.  But putting something off never made it any better, so…

This one hurts.  Literally and physically.

Not a whole lot of other ways to say that.

Listening to Pat Burrell on defense brought back memories of the Roman soldiers stuffing parsley in their ears so they don’t have to ear the atrocious bard singing.  I seriously went looking for parsley during some of the worse moment of today’s game, but unfortunately (fortunately?) our house doesn’t really stock it.

So I listened (minus parsley) in a horrified little ball during the 8th inning and at the same time chanted “M-I-A-M-I” to get my mind off things.  I have a feeling Rangers/Cowboys/Mavericks come as a package, but Miami is more fun to say than Dallas so Texas is out of luck this series.

Back to the game.

The part that really horrified me was Brandon getting injured.  Me and contusion (Noun: A region of injured tissue or skin in which blood capillaries have been ruptured; a bruise.) are getting to know each other a little too well.

I could say our bullpen is a massive failure but the massive failure element, Jeremy, actually did really well today.  It was Romo who faltered.  And Javi Lopez.   We all have bad days.  I mean, I have days where I walk into doors excuse me to parking meters.  A few runs are nothing compared to that, right?  I’m just going to make some tea and dream about winning baseball teams and a dictionary in which the word “contusion” does not exist.

Tomorrow is Happy Timmy Day and two out of three wouldn’t be bad and June is a nice shiny new start.  Just shape up, bullpen.  One bad day is fine and understandable.  Two?  My patience wears thin.  And no more of those bruise things.  I mean it.

Diamond Girl

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Double Take Time

Although I’ve been surrounded by baseball this weekend, it’s been the under 5 feet tall kind.  So today I heard the end of a very nice win and a very goofy KNBR broadcast on the way home and just went to the NL West standings and checked them out.  Then I did a double take.

West                   W        L       GB      L10   

Arizona               29       24     –         9-1     

San Francisco    29       24     –         5-5

Colorado            25       27    3.5      2-8

Los Angles         24       30    5.5      4-6

San Diego          23       31    6.5       4-6     

I did not see Diamondback brilliance in my crystal ball at all.  And while I guess they’ve been pretty amazing for 10 games, I have only just taken real notice of it.  Move over, Mile High people.  The dessert is giving you a run for your money.   And then, of course, the Giants.  Who are showing signs of taking my advice (okay, everyone’s advice.  I admit it has nothing to do with me.) and heating up.  I’m not trying to jinx them or anything.  But they looked good today.

Especially Torres, who is officially the Cutest Player in the MLB.  He gives the Little Leaguers a run for their money with his adorableness.  I want to bottle up his good games and sprinkle them over depressing ones, to get the energy going.  Heck, sprinkle them over depressing moments of my life, to get the energy going.

Sometimes it takes those lows (read: being swept by Milwaukee) to get some highs and maybe, just maybe, this is the start of something good.  It kind of feels like it.  I never liked Kevin Towers anyway.

And do me a huge favor and tell me “hip contusion” actually means “he’s eating ice cream and watching corny romantic comedies on demand in his hotel room” in code, okay?  Because it would make my Memorial Day Monday a little better.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  If you’re looking for something  to see on demand on your hotel room (other than corny romantic comedies) I recommend Wall Street: The Money Never Sleeps.  The acting, the script, the story… me and my bowl of raisins/blue chips really enjoyed it for the second time last night.

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The Whole Correlation Thing

I’ m going to do this even faster than the last post, okay?


I told you I was going to do it fast.  You want it a little slower?

The Brewers swept the Giants who hit dismally and basically looked like a terrible team not to mention it was really hard on the psyche of yours truly.

What made it even harder was the fact that I wore my new Brewers hat because, hey, I need a hat to shield my freckles from the sun and then promptly forgot I was wearing it and started talking about my Giants fandom.  Got some really weird looks.  I eventually tried to explain my tri-fandom, but nobody gets that so my sanity seemed to be basically a lost cause in their eyes.  Oops.

Whiteside has one hit since Posey’s injury and Chris Stewart, who started today, had none.  It would be easy to blame the lack of runs on the lack of Buster, but I think if they’re at all correlated it’s mostly psychological.  Buster wasn’t really lighting it up at the plate or anything.

I’m honestly not sure what to say (well, except for this whole post).  There are limitless amounts of trades to propose and people to slam, but doesn’t it kind of feel like if anyone’s going to do it, it’s this group and they either need to heat up or they’re sunk?  Not that I would be opposed to upgrades.  I just don’t think we have a ripple effect squad on our hands.  On to St. Louis.  Time to heat up.  It’s summer, baby.

I would just like to finish by saying it’s not easy to be a neat-freak in a hotel.  The beds are made and the towels are folded and the room is impeccable before the maid even gets out of bed.  The line from A Night At the Opera “on a journey like this you oughta get every convenience you can get” comes to mind, but it’s not my fault if I need things organized and clean, is it?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am aware no photos are showing up.  Not sure why.  WordPress support is currently down, so we’ll have to try and tolerate the stone-age-ness.  Apologies.

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The Other Brandon And The Lowdown on Female Friday

The other Brandon is Brandon Crawford who challenged my skepticism of his call-up in a hurry last night. With a grand-slam to give the Giants a lead in Milwaukee. I cheered almost as loudly for that as for Ryan Braun’s double and then I felt like a terrible person afterwards because, you know, I’m a Giants fan before I’m a Brewers fan. I genuinely hate when they play each other and I can’t wait for this series to be over so I can get back to my orange and black ways 100%.

Which is all not to detract from Brandon’s perfect moment. It was just unexpected and unscripted and breathed a little life into a team that is gasping right now. The losing streak was promptly snapped and I feel Bochy’s motivational speaking career is taking off.

The other fun thing about yesterday? The inaugural “Female Friday” on the Fitz and Brooks show in KNBR 680. Brooks is on vacation, so Fitz decided to do a show about female fans, asking for girl callers and guys about girl fans. It was interesting, funny and rare. I never hear female callers on sportstalk radio so I enjoyed sort of sourcing the women who listen to KNBR, but don’t usually call. And, of course, I couldn’t resist joining the conversation. I wrote in an email about, among other things, my love for general managers and they read it on air, which was really exciting because I am the biggest KNBR geek ever. I missed it because I was, appropriately perhaps, fashion photoshooting with high waisted blue jeans and vintage briefcases. It was a lot of fun, but I was sad to miss the rest of the show/my fifteen seconds of fame. Fist bumps to the KNBR people for doing it, though. Stoked for many more weeks of it. They need me on as an expert on female fans, don’t they? I have a lot of theories. Some of which are backed up by fact. Some of which are not.

I am now checking out for a weekend in a place I have never heard of because of- what else?- a baseball tournament. The hotel has a hot tub and I am a pushover, so I couldn’t say no to accompanying The Brother. Since this is, as I said, a place I have never heard of, I kind of guess I will have a lot of time on my hands. So checking out doesn’t necessarily mean no blog posts. Wish me luck in the backwater, okay? Thanks.

Diamond Girl

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A Massive Assortment of Get Well Soon Cards Plus Lots of Brightsideness

We’re going on 24 hours since Buster Posey’s fateful moment and it still hurts to talk about it.  I seriously have sympathetic ankle pain.  It’s been chewed up and spit out by the media and then mashed over so I can’t say with any conviction what of this is true: He won’t be back this year. He won’t catch again.  The Giants are signing Bengie.  The world ended.

Okay, the last one isn’t true.  But the other ones might be.  I hope with every fiber in my body that he gets better in his own time and doesn’t rush it, that that’s incredibly soon and that he comes back to catcher with no problem.  And I would just about die if they signed Bengie.

Fittingly or at least predictably, the Giants then lost 1-0 today.  Vogelsong was excellent (don’t say a word about Barry Zito.  I mean it.  I am living in a blissful state of ignorance that there is any issue.  So zip it.) but the team did not seem to be buying the whole “adversity makes heroes” thing.  They will have to, in time, but it feels like the unbelievably stable rug was just pulled out from under us.  Forever just ended, you know?

There’s been so much debate about whether or not it was a clean play.  I think it was a just fine play.  Fun?  No.  But dirty?  Nah.

The bottom line is that disastrous, nightmare injuries happen and the team has to figure out how to pull through.  I’m surprised to hear Crawford was called up and a little skeptical of Belt coming back, but it will no doubt be fascinating to watch.  Adversity may or may not make heroes but it makes for some interesting storylines and what is a season without those?

Bright side, people.  Bright side.

Diamond Girl

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