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Why The Giants Are More Different Than Anyone Says and The Scoop on Ted Williams Ghost

Who’s sitting on a bed with a heating pad on their neck and Pandora looping in their ears?  If you guessed Barry Zito, you were incorrect.  That’s me.  With un-Zito- sympathetic-neck-problems.   Which doesn’t mean I’m unsympathetic to Zito. It just means my neck problems are unrelated.  In case you were wondering.

So.  Yes We Cain (shouldn’t that have a comma, incidentally?  “Yes, We Cain/Can.”  If I ever get to ask Obama a question, that’ll be it.)  Trust Matt to straighten things out.  Yesterday’s game felt nice and right and all the pieces made sense.

I can’t put my finger, quite, on what was wrong the past two days, but I kind of think the team wasn’t understanding each other.  The “we’re the same team, other than Uribe and Renteria” only takes into account who they lost.  Not who they gained.  While the team clicked very well down the stretch, they haven’t played 162 games together.  And as much of a bullseye as there is on the Giants back, it’s still three days into the season.  Everything went down so fast last year.  How can the team fare minus adrenaline?  I think very well.  But will it take a little time to work itself out?  Yes.  Maybe yesterday we got a glimpse of them working.

And the wacky quote of the week ?  CJ may have lost the best hair crown but he can still crack me up.

“I mean, it’s pretty much the same lineup they had last year with two new additions, right?  It’s not like all of a sudden they have the ghost of Ted Williams playing for them or something.”

Which does beg the question wouldn’t it be a big deal if the ghost of Ted Williams was playing for them, whether or not it was all of a sudden?  Even if he appeared gradually, limb by limb?

Diamond Girl

p.s.   I want to publicly apologize to Jon Daniels and the rest of the Rangers front office for my skepticism about the whole Beltre signing.  Grand slam, baby.

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April 1st in Diamond Girl World and The Need For Some Brandon Belt Clones

I’m not going to try and prank you.  It’s too late in the day, for that.  Everyone is on guard by now.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t pranked anyone today.  Read on.

My morning routine is basically to stumble out of my bed (TMI?  Yes.), read my news on my iPod and then tell anyone who is awake and will listen what’s going on in baseball.  So this morning this is how it went:

Diamond Girl:  Oh my god, did you hear?  They traded Timmy.

The Brother is not buying it at all.

The Sister:  What?

DG (sounding panicked):  They traded Lincecum!

The Sister:  They can’t.  He’s the Franchise.

At this point The Mother comes running out of the kitchen. 

 Mother:  WHAT?

DG (on the verge of tears):  He and Sabean got in this huge fight last night and the Cards have been bugging the Giants about a starting pitcher, because they lose Wainwright, so last night Sabean was like, Take Timmy. 

The Mother and The Sister run to their respective computers to read the news.

DG (yells after them):  April Fool!

What happens after this needs not be related.  Let’s just say all hell broke loose.  They’re both big Timmy people.

It worked perfectly.  Last year, it was the whole “we’re moving to New Jersey!” thing on Facebook.  That one went way too far.  And then two perfectly executed prank calls.  It’s quality, not quantity.

And about tonight’s game?  I didn’t get to listen to most of it, but I hear it got ugly.  We can still go 160-2, right?  Or clone Brandon Belt because he is way beyond great and I love him?  Or just get a good, morale boosting defense coach?  That’s a kind of good idea, actually.  I have a few candidates for that job.  Like, you know, me.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Don’t be paranoid, Giants fans. She takes the midnight train at Dodger stadium every night.  They’re not playing Don’t Stop Believin’ to mock us.

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May I Just Say That Cries Of “Fire Sabean”, “Get Some Darn Offense” and “The Giants Can’t Repeat” Are Totally Unwarranted?

So the day got off to a rocky start for me with the headline:

Giants lefty Zito taken to hospital after car accident.

The actual news stories added the unimportant fact that he was also released from the hospital.  He’s okay.  Neck brace and precautionary MRI, but he’s okay.  It took me a few hours of Enya and Owl City to calm down.  These things strike at the weirdest times, don’t they?  I hope he’s good to start on Sunday.

The fact that Real Live Baseball That Counts happened today lightened the mood, although the last 45 minutes before the Giants game were torture.  I’ve lasted months and months without baseball, but somehow the home stretch felt very long.

The other thing that was torture?  Yeah.  The game.  There were good things about it and there were bad things.  As an eternal positivist (sort of), I’m going to start with the good stuff.

Brandon Belt looked good.  He looked confident and ready to go and totally above the hype.  Half of me is 110% sold on him, even though half of my brain says it’s too early for that.  Overall, I think we’ll be seeing him at first base for a long time to come.

Tim Lincecum.  I was worried he was going to melt.  His hair looked really long (was that just me) and he looks borderline vampirical in heat.  And though he didn’t look totally tip-top, he wasn’t worrisome to me.

Buster was, a little bit.  He felt out of it.  He was one for four and, of course, had that play with Sandoval at third.  He might just have been tired or something.  The whole defense looked like it did at the exhibition games, which is not surprising since it’s only two days later.  But it’s ever so slightly more troublesome on Opening Day.

And do y’all think Timmy hit Uribe on purpose?  I am of the opinion that it was a “hello there, remember me?” pitch.  But I’m curious to hear the buzz ’round here.

So now I’m going to listen to more Enya and Owl City and remind myself that it’s the first game and it really doesn’t matter.  1 down, 161 to go.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  And as I said in the title: “fire Sabean”, “get some darn offense” and “the Giants can’t repeat” are totally unwarranted.

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