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The Ring Ceremony, Twin Name Suggestions and the Pitching Staff’s Teeth

Quick notes of the ring ceremony… green is hard color to pull off.  And the green of the boxes on the field really clashed with the green of the grass.  Call me a nit-picker, but that was a pretty nit-picky ceremony.  And did you notice that the farther down the line they got, the goofier they got?  They were stoic at the beginning and partying at the end.  And yes, it was more than slightly overdone.  Really?  Silver platters?

Moving on… congratulations to Kristen and Gerald Dempsey the Third!  I’ve always wanted to do this and Buster’s is finally giving me the chance.  Twin name suggestions.  A useful list for our Rookie of the Year.

buster and kristen2.jpg

*Whiteside and Molina (he stole their jobs.  The least he could do is name his kids after them, right?)

*Luke and Leia

*S & F (though this might garner some uncomfortable questions about what they stand for)

*Erin and Aaron

*Lee and Sburg (Leesburg, GA, that is.)

*Bruce and Brian (you know what I’m talkin’ about, right?)

*Ray and Rocky (going with the baseball theme)

*Kristen and Kirsten (after their mama)

*May and May (in honor of his call-up month)

*Jon and Dave OR Kruk and Kuip

*And lastly… the best twins ever.  Thompson and Thomson.

thompson and thomson.jpg

I’m going to be honest:  I fell asleep during yesterday’s game.  I vaguely remember Rowand missing a ball and when I woke up it was a few innings later.  So I my opinions are a little disjointed.  Basically, the thing that bothered me was that the so-called A Squad doesn’t seem a whole lot less threatening than B Squad, who played today.  The team- particularly the offense- just seems a little sleepy to me.  They’ve obviously had good games but I still think they need friendly whack across the face (happy to, you know, oblige).  Andres Torres healing up really fast and that closer of theirs wising up really fast wouldn’t hurt either.

And since Bruce Bochy said that there’s some “crud” going around the clubhouse?  I’d like to suggest some Immune Support Tea from Yogi.  Not only is that stuff magic but it also tastes like a piece of heaven.  That coming from a pure black coffee gal.


Diamond Girl

p.s.  Does someone running the Giants website have a wacky sense of humor?  Or an obsession with the pitching staff’s teeth?

giants website.PNG
giants website1.PNG

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My Grizzly Birthday!

Let’s just say we had some quality entertainment on the way down to Fresno.



It was maddening and riveting at the same time and I can’t say I cried when Wilson blew the save.  My team spirit when he’s pitching basically disappears.  Can’t bring myself to root for him.  But when Rowand walked-off?  Oh yes.  I was cheering.

The game actually didn’t seem that weird to me.  The 2010 Giants did that kind of thing a whole lot and Wilson was, of course, totally torturous.  During the postseason, they blew past everyone but the team doesn’t usually do things the easy way.  And that can get ugly.  Not to be a downer, or anything. 

I’ll also admit that I’ve never watched a banner raising before, but that one was beautifully executed.  And the banner, when it was folded up, looked exactly like the fleece Giants blanket I made a while back.  And how many times do you think they practiced the cueing of We Are the Champions to get it right?  Because it was so right.

Anyway.  Fresno.  It was great.  Really, really, great and totally different.  We were two rows from the field, by the bullpen and it was so quiet you could probably have heard a pin drop.  The fans don’t cheer.  Ever so occasionally, they whistle (that’s trendy, I guess) but the PA’s attempts to get cheers going were totally in vain.  It really refocused the game, though, and I could hear Jackson Williams (catching in the bullpen) and an unidentified person who was spotting them talking which was entertainment in and of itself.  It was a pretty tight game but the Grizzlies lost to the Las Vegas 51s 4-1.  Emmanuel Burriss who was tearing it up and, frankly, just looks like a big leaguer, set a Grizzlies record with four stolen bases in one game. 




It was absolutely freezing (what else is new?) and we spent most of the game discussing how Brian Sabean/Bobby Evans/Other Front Office People get down there from San Fran.  Because it’s a long drive.  I kind of think they have a rock star decked out helicopter.  Of maybe they just use the airport.

I did have one big problem with the game and that was the trivia question near the beginning:

Which Grizzly went to the Pirates in the Javier Lopez trade?

I’ll tell you which Grizzly.  The one who I changed my background to Pirates-themed for, for a day, because I am such a huge fan.  Joe Martinez.  They didn’t have to bring that up.  It’s an emotional subject for me.  The question was multiple choice and one of the answers was Eugenio Velez and the PA guy pronounced it Ay-oo-gene-ee-o.  Do you think he did that every night when Velez was there?  Because that would have driven me insane.

This was my first minor league game and two things really struck me.

First, that these guys are so close to being Major Leaguers- plenty of them have been called up sometime- and still they are in a totally different stratosphere down there.  Why is everyone so uninterested?  There’s a really fine line between these guys and MLB players.

Secondly, they didn’t seem huge into team spirit.  Which makes sense, but felt strange anyway.  Neither team seemed that interested in who was winning.  I guess it’s really about individual player performance (which, of course, include teamwork.  Just doesn’t depend on the team winning.) but it still bizarre to watch.

It was really a lovely birthday and felt deliciously old style.  Like that stadium experience might have been that way, way back when.


Flowers and birthdays are a match made in heaven.

Catch y’all later.  The (discriminatory) Orange and Black Attack Team are rocking tuxes and that is big news. 

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Cliffy and A-Rod’s year book photos?  Too cute.

cliff lee yearbook.jpg

a-rod yearbook.jpg


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In Which the Giants Sputter to Life, Zito Goes James Franco and I Express Confusion About the Importance of The Ring

It had gotten to the point where I was going to suggest some new alarm clock rings for the Giants players to get them out of their funk.  Fortunately, that won’t be necessary, for the time being, because we got a nice little W today.

There were good moments and bad moments; the primary good moment being Tim Lincecum and his fabulous right arm.  The offense also sputtered to life, minus Pat Burrell (sorry, had to get that in).  I am tentatively optimistic about the defense and I am not worried about the bullpen.  They’ll be okay.  They’ll make me panic and eat pickles and (nearly) tear my hair out, but I am quite confident in my bearded guys right now. 

Speaking of beards… today’s facial hair news is that Sergio Romo updated his beard into something even stranger and I figured out with what the inspiration- or at least doppelganger- is for Zito’s mustache.  It’s this actor who I really, really can’t stand.   His name is James Franco. You may remember his from his Academy Award hosting.  Or you may not.  He didn’t really talk.  I hope I’m wrong because otherwise I am utterly stumped as to why someone would try to look like him.

(Photos aren’t working right now, so you’re going to have to do your own sleuthing until the system gets up again.  Google “barry zito mustache” and “james franco mustache”.)

Looking ahead.  April 8th (you know.  The special day where the world celebrates the coming of yours truly.) is the home opener and there will be a lot of festivities, I’m sure.  I’m know I’m a spoilsport, but I am not hugely excited for all that.  When the playoffs and the World Series are about baseball, I love it.  Afterwards, when it becomes nostalgia and rings and TV appearances?  (Never got The Ring obsession at all.  This is not Middle Earth, right?)  Not so much.  It’s the 2011 season and there are games to be played and much to happen.  This weekend we can celebrate.  But then we need to get down to work.  It’s never too early to take first place.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I would like to get a chance to speak with whoever came up with the 3:35 start time and say a thing or two to them.  And make them sit for three hours in this wind watching Little Leaguers slaughter each other in the twilight.  I did that today.  It was semi-brutal.  They deserve to live through that too.


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Why I Am Seriously Offended By the MLB Fan Cave

Okay, this is making me really sick, so I need to talk about it.

MLB announced the winners of their Dream Job contest a while ago (and know that everything I say about them is not personal to the actual winners.  I don’t know them.  I’m just speaking about the image this whole project has, in my opinion.), I guess, but I missed the news until today (and I never miss news.  Let’s just say there hasn’t been that much buzz around it).  So I guess it’s a “Fan Cave” (aka Man Cave) in New York where two 30 something guys sit and watch baseball games and you can walk by and stick your nose to the glass and watch them watch baseball games, if you so please.

fan cave1.png

And get this: Victoria’s Secret models visit them.

I consider myself a serious female MLB fan and that video of Chanel Iman at the “Cave”?  It screams “this is the role girls play in MLB”. 



Iman may really be a Yankees fan… but was there any Bronx Bombers analysis from her?  Or just her blowin’ a kiss? 

I mean, was the job ever even open to a women?  One would think they had this planned out, that they were going to call them the “cavemen” and everything.  Duh, not “cavewoman”.  And even if they were going to choose a man, why that demographic?  These guys are not in a growth field, to speak marketing strategy for a minute.  As far as I can tell, they aren’t even funny in the frat house sense of the word and they certainly don’t have any interesting opinions.  These are the guys who I move a few seats away from at the game, because they drink too many beers and spit sunflower seeds at me.  Later in the game, I correct them when they start talking stats (true story).

I honestly think MLB fans of either gender should be offended by this representation of us.

If this is the image MLB wants to produce for themselves, fine.  Go right ahead.  But it’s a giant mistake.  The world is moving forward and this project is profoundly un-vibrant not to mention offensive.

MLB seems late to the party that you gotta be trendy, interesting and current.  I hope they get clued in sooner rather than later or I am becoming a hockey fan.

Geez.  I’m kidding.

Diamond Girl


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My Ode to Dodger Fans (No, Really) and Dan Runzler’s Cheerleader Outfit

Yes, when I watched the last 15 minutes of March Madness I rooted for Butler.  They looked so dismal and heartbroken.  I had to.  Poor guys.

I wanted to take this off day to talk about the events of Opening Day in Los Angeles, when two Dodgers fans beat three Giants fans in the parking lot after the game.  It’s a terrible event and an insult to baseball fans everywhere.  Particularly Dodger fans.  I’ve seen a lot of people online saying things like “this is common at Dodger stadium” and “all Dodger fans are like this”.   I would just like to state for the record that it ain’t true.  I’ve spent my fair share of time there in Giants gear, and have I gotten heckled?  Yes.  Booed?  Oh yeah.  But the majority of it is actually friendly.

The truth is that people are making this about baseball and I don’t think it is.  The line in the initial article I read, “yelling anti-Giants slurs” made me laugh.  In a terrible way.  It sound so ridiculous.  Like they should be yelling racist slurs or something.  Seriously?  Yelling anti-Giants slurs?   So beyond sad.  I’ve also heard it said that gangs associate the Giants with the NorCal gangs and the Dodgers with their SoCal gangs, which is a huge problem.

It happened at a baseball game and was baseball related, but people who are associating these people with Dodger fans are just wrong.  This is a deeper and more complex problem that manifested itself in a baseball setting.  Thoughts and prayers are with the orange and black victims. 

And now that I’ve been sufficiently Dodger friendly (hello, I defended you guys) I will say that I hate you all for starting off the Giants 1-3.  My comment on yesterday’s game is basically that I am looking forward to seeing Runzler on Opening Weekend in Fresno.  I think on every team there’s this one guy that everyone is fed up with by the organization still believes in.  I think Runzler is that guy, for the Giants.  We’ve seen enough.   If Bochy/Sabean still feel the need to keep him around, maybe they make cheerleading uniforms for 6″4 guys?  We don’t have to get rid of him entirely.  He seems nice.  I just don’t want him on the mound.

Way back when during the playoffs last year, when Aaron Rowand hit a home run, I was at a viewing party and someone said, “Emily’s boy hit a home run!”  Because I am the sole Aaron Rowand fan on this planet, I guess he’s my boy.  So my boy hit a home run last night too.  What was that you said, doubters?

Diamond Girl


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