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This Makes Me Feel Vulnerable and Todd-Wellemeyer-Era-Esque

Okay, panic control time.  For both those who are panicking jubuliantly (dirty look) and those who are really panicking (that’s me).  Whether or not you are a Zito fan, doesn’t it feel disturbing for one of last year’s  starting five to be hurt?  It makes me feel vulnerable and Todd-Wellemeyer-era-esque.  I would also like to add that though I am not a superstitious person, when the majority of last offseason was spent saying “Zito is a #5 starter who never gets hurt, how bad can it be?” I felt a little like clapping a hand of the speaker’s mouth and saying, “Shhhh, anyone can get hurt.” 

The ironic thing is that the call-up of Vogelsong didn’t necessitate any roster moves, because the Giants had 39 men on their 40 man roster.  Not only do the Giants have a lot of fans this year, they have quite a lot of players.  Some (that’s me) might say too many.  I was floored to learn we were under the quota.  My feeling about the team, the past few days?

I don’t like it in here.  It’s terribly crowded.


I’m scared that Bochy and Sabean are going to turn mad (turn mad?) unless they do a little spring cleaning.  There are some serious diamonds and some diamonds in the rough in this organization but there’s also a fair share of fool’s gold.

Basically, I think the front office needs to be bloody, bold and resolute (having a quotes field day, here).  This doesn’t need to happen right now- it’s early-, but at some point they are going to need to get rid of some people and designate the roles of other’s.  Variables = great.  Crowded = destructive.  And right now it’s just plain crowded.  I like Ishi and Nate, but they are both Major League caliber players who just have no place on this club in the foreseeable future.  I get that they’re good to have as options/pinch hitters/alternate starters/injury fill-ins.  But in the meantime?  If they’re going to stick around, they need a role that is understood and can be fulfilled.  And is DeRosa really that super-utility man who plays every night in a different position?  I can’t tell.  Maybe it’s because of his wrist flarin’ up or maybe there’s just no room.  I think when Belt’s surprisingly made the team out of the desert he messed with the whole 2011 plan.

I’m a bit of a neat freak but the way I clean is less focused on things being clean and more on things being organized.  Likewise, Giants.  Likewise.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  This week in MLB hair.  I mean, afros are coming back this season.  But usually a little more, ahem, tamed?  And if Zito’s at all superstitious, is it too much to hope for that he would lose the James Franco ‘stache?

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In Which I Am Recognized as the ULTIMATE Tim Lincecum Fan

Totally great thing that happened tonight?

tim lincecum contest.PNG

So Chronicle Live (a show on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area) had a copy to give away of the “Freak Season” which is a new “intimate photo book” about The Franchise.  The rules were just to post a picture showing that you are the ULTIMATE Tim Lincecum fan on their Facebook page.

Tim Lincecum Cake 2.jpg

“I am the ultimate Tim Lincecum fan because he makes Ks look like a piece of cake!”

That’s my Timmy cake.  And even though he vaguely resembles a Coraline character, I won.  Way pumped to see the book and way proud of that cake too.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest thing to make.  And I’m not much of a black licorice person so the multitude of it was traumatic.  (And triggered some thoughts on how weird it is that it says, “Black Red Vines” on the package.  Oxymoron, people.  Oxymoron.)

Anyway.  I’ll let y’all know after I read the book.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on that photo.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Can I please teach Brian Wilson ESL?  The first phrase I would introduce him to would be: “Please save this game.  Without incident.”  He doesn’t seem to comprehend those words, right now.


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Why Steroid Crackdown Matters and On The Weirdness of The Franchise Premiere

The latest in the Other Barry’s legal saga ended yesterday.  Was it a waste of money?  Probably.  But unlike a lot of people, I think since Bonds used PEDs (does anyone really dispute that?) he should face legal consequences.  Why?  I have people in my family who have been competitive cyclists and really into watching the pros.  Let’s just say it’s one of the dirtiest sports around.  Everyone is taking performance enhancing drugs and it’s not much of a secret.  These days, cycling isn’t really fun to follow.  As baseball fans, I think we should do everything in our power to make sure that baseball doesn’t revert to “steroid era” or beyond.

That leaves the argument that the sport should be dealing with it, not the government.  I get that, but I disagree.  I think a sport that is very prominent in a country impacts that country.  So if you have to cheat to compete in the sport, I think that has a profound impact on a culture.  I don’t think this is a witch hunt with Bonds, nor do I think it’s unfair.  If he cheated, he deserves to face a sentence as decided by a court of law. 

Moving on, The Franchise (yep, I’ve gotten over calling it the Desperate Ballplayers of San Fran) had a half-hour preview that aired last night.  (You can watch it here.)  Weird programming, to air it at the same time as a game, with an off-day the next day.  I guess in the DVR era that isn’t important?  It was strange.  I didn’t know Bruce Bochy smokes.  And Marc Kroon is interesting but the obsession…?  And I hate watching people work out, so Pablo and Andres?  That was painful.  And why were there so many shots of players talking while driving?  I mean, that’s really strange not to mention really dangerous.  I’m not a reality TV aficionado, so help me out here.  Are driving shots common?  And the way Posey/Bumgarner/Belt interact with Wilson cracks me up to no end.  Different stratospheres, it seems.  Mostly, I thought their choice of storylines was strange.  I do think Freddy Sanchez is underrepresented and his story is sweet, it just seemed a little random.  And Zito’s riffs were really non-descript.  Not blown away by his musical skills, yet.  But I’ll admit that I cried when Brandon Belt got The News and I thought how Bochy/Evans delivered the news to him and Kroon was interesting.  Though am staying the eternal skeptic.  They may have just done that for the cameras.  I guess the real premiere isn’t for a long time, so we have many lonely weeks of watching and cradling this half hour gem.  Or just watchin’ some actual baseball.  I vote for that.

Diamond Girl

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It’s Complicated.

it's complicated.png

Not to worry, that’s not my relationship with the Giants.  We are solidly together.  That’s their relationship with themselves.  Doesn’t this seem like an eerie-reverse-repeat of last year?  In early-season 2010 it was, Play the people we should play (overpaid veterans) or play the people who are actually hot right now?  The difference now is that the people we should play are the misfit World Series Champions and the fans are on their side. 

It’s not an ultimatum.  Every night the lineup can be different.  But I think it’s time to adjust to the fact that it’s a new year, with new potential heroes and leave behind this Cody Ross thing.  I mean, he batted .269 last year which is exactly the same as Miguel Tejada.  So why is Tejada greeted with skepticism and Ross hailed as the savior of the offense?  I understand that Ross was a playoff hero and I have nothing against him, but I could honestly see a scenario in a few weeks where Nate Schierholtz is a more productive bat from right field than Cody.  Just like Wilson coming back doesn’t save the team, neither will Ross.  Basically, when Rowand is hot he can play and when he isn’t he can sit.  We’re used to that.

 2011 is shaping up to be another year of switching and scrapping and figuring it out.  And there might be some pretty different faces than last year.  There’s no such thing as a “repeat” season.  If we make it back to the top, it won’t be because we did the same thing as last year.

And I really hope that they put Belt in right.  In the long run for the organization, he makes most sense there and it’s time to start getting him used to his future home.  Nate is probably most useful as a trading pawn and Ross and Belt can share right field.  (Speaking of which… right field has always struck me as more random than left.  The phrase should be “out of right field”, really.)

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Why is the background for Aubrey Huff’s MLBlog Dodgers themed?  There should be a million question marks on that.

Huff blog.PNG

UPDATE: Aaaaand it’s fixed!

Huff blog2.PNG

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I Just Left This Phone Message For Brian Sabean

brian sabean phone.jpg
baseball stadium.PNG

Please leave a message after the beep.  (Beep.)

Uh, Mr. Sabean?  It’s me, Diamond Girl.  I’m back.  You may remember me from our semi-uncomfortable conversations last year.  Now might be a really nice moment to pull off one your incredible 2010 worthy moves.  Picking someone out of obscurity and getting rid of people who don’t work.  Or maybe it’s too early in the year for that and you’re going to make us suffer through a few more months of bizarreness before you rescue us.  Either way, give me a call back ASAP because I have some tart with plum jam and almond cream that you might be interested in tasting.  And you we need to talk about how you’re going to congratulate Danny Runzler (am I coining Danny?) on his engagement.  And I want to discuss some interesting stuff I was just reading about you in A Band of Misfits, by Andrew Baggarly.  About how you and other GMs don’t get along.  This is a new development.  If you aren’t into young GMs then why did you do the whole Bengie Molina/Chris Ray/Cash trade?  And oh yeah, I was doing some brainstorming last night and came up with the idea of sending down Lincecum, Sanchez and Bumgarner down and bringing up Edlefsen, Kroon and Vogelson to take their places.  Or just sending Belt down, because you know how much I love Travis and how mad it made me that you put him in jeans for the ring ceremony.  So unclassy.  Anyway.  I didn’t mean to put you off your lunch.  Kershaw was nasty last night, fair and square.  And Affeldt nailed his speech and it was beautiful and tasteful, so you all did something right.  Downer phone messages at lunch time mess up the whole rest of the day.  Don’t worry, we’ll be okay.  Wacky starts don’t equal wacky ends.  You just need to call me.  Take care.  Talk to you soon.


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