Could This Be Good?

I don’t think so.  But since I am a (sort of) eternal optimist and everywhere else on the internet you can read people who are dying over the news of Pablo Sandoval’s injury, I’m going to look at this from a different angle:

Could this be good? 

Sandoval’s been a really strong link in the line-up- and on the defense- so far, so obviously it’s far from ideal but… who knows?  Maybe Rohlinger coming up and Burriss and Fontenot getting more play time and moving Tejada around and perhaps bringing Belt up will provide just the shake-up that the offense needs?

I hope.

Crossing my fingers.

And about yesterday.  Have they forgotten, don’t they know?  I’ll say it very loud and slow.  They used to hit!  They’d and hit and then proceed to hit some more!  Great Scott! Gadzooks!  One half their lives was hitting balls! (Yes, I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night.)  But really.  There is no excuse for the endless 0’fers and I find myself murdering my tastebuds with these intensely spicy olives every time we lose like that.  Not okay.  If only for my tastebuds.  Here’s to a homerun fest today.

Crossing my fingers again.



Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “Could This Be Good?

  1. seedboy

    Ok, Diamond Girl, you say there’s no excuse for an 0-for? Let’s meet sometime soon. You should supply the pitcher (there is one just down the hall, right?) and I will supply the catcher. You need to find a bat.

    • The only baseball I’ve ever played is called Living Room Baseball, Robert, and I am quite good, actually. Splash hits are when the ball hits the ceiling at a legitimate distance and ground rule doubles are when it goes in one of the (of course priceless and beautiful) vases. It isn’t incredibly popular with my mom, but it’s great fun and I am never 0-fer. Not to mention I throw an unbelievable curveball and do a wicked Zito imitation. You are welcome anytime to corroborate this report. Though how that translates to a real diamond…? :)

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