My Ode to Dodger Fans (No, Really) and Dan Runzler’s Cheerleader Outfit

Yes, when I watched the last 15 minutes of March Madness I rooted for Butler.  They looked so dismal and heartbroken.  I had to.  Poor guys.

I wanted to take this off day to talk about the events of Opening Day in Los Angeles, when two Dodgers fans beat three Giants fans in the parking lot after the game.  It’s a terrible event and an insult to baseball fans everywhere.  Particularly Dodger fans.  I’ve seen a lot of people online saying things like “this is common at Dodger stadium” and “all Dodger fans are like this”.   I would just like to state for the record that it ain’t true.  I’ve spent my fair share of time there in Giants gear, and have I gotten heckled?  Yes.  Booed?  Oh yeah.  But the majority of it is actually friendly.

The truth is that people are making this about baseball and I don’t think it is.  The line in the initial article I read, “yelling anti-Giants slurs” made me laugh.  In a terrible way.  It sound so ridiculous.  Like they should be yelling racist slurs or something.  Seriously?  Yelling anti-Giants slurs?   So beyond sad.  I’ve also heard it said that gangs associate the Giants with the NorCal gangs and the Dodgers with their SoCal gangs, which is a huge problem.

It happened at a baseball game and was baseball related, but people who are associating these people with Dodger fans are just wrong.  This is a deeper and more complex problem that manifested itself in a baseball setting.  Thoughts and prayers are with the orange and black victims. 

And now that I’ve been sufficiently Dodger friendly (hello, I defended you guys) I will say that I hate you all for starting off the Giants 1-3.  My comment on yesterday’s game is basically that I am looking forward to seeing Runzler on Opening Weekend in Fresno.  I think on every team there’s this one guy that everyone is fed up with by the organization still believes in.  I think Runzler is that guy, for the Giants.  We’ve seen enough.   If Bochy/Sabean still feel the need to keep him around, maybe they make cheerleading uniforms for 6″4 guys?  We don’t have to get rid of him entirely.  He seems nice.  I just don’t want him on the mound.

Way back when during the playoffs last year, when Aaron Rowand hit a home run, I was at a viewing party and someone said, “Emily’s boy hit a home run!”  Because I am the sole Aaron Rowand fan on this planet, I guess he’s my boy.  So my boy hit a home run last night too.  What was that you said, doubters?

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “My Ode to Dodger Fans (No, Really) and Dan Runzler’s Cheerleader Outfit

  1. mattpeas

    rivalries exist everywhere. there have been plenty of undocumented fights at sporting events for so many years. heck, just last year in cleveland a Browns fan pushed over a 5 year old kid for wearing a Favre jersey when the Vikings came to town. bad blood exists between every fan of any team. its a pride we take in rooting for these clubs that makes sports so special. but, taking it too far sheds a bad light on everyone.

  2. seedboy

    Emily, as a Dodgers fan I was disappointed to hear about the assault last week. Fans are at a game to see their team and have a good time. If someone’s good time involves hurting someone, I agree, they are not really a fan, and that person also should be punished for any crimes committed.
    Thanks for sticking up for those of us who want to root for our team in a place that is safe for everyone.

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