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Why Double-Headers Freak Me Out

I guess split-squad is the technical term, but I’m not really a technical kind of person.  Either way.  They freak me out.  I know there wasn’t one today, but the one two days ago has left me drained.  Allow me to explain:

My sister was a serious cyclist as a young teenager (National Champion, baby!) and so every few weekends during the season, we piled into a minivan at an insanely early hour and drove to a god-forsaken location where there were a several shivering 12-year-old-girls waiting to race.  After the race, we would drive back home and usually be back by 1:00 or 2:00.  And we would promptly crash for the rest of the day.  If we had anything else to do that day, it was bad news for everyone involved.

Why am I telling you this?

Because a baseball game is sort of like that for me.  It’s an emotional trip, of sorts.  So when it ends, I have a little crash.  And if it starts back up that evening?  It freaks me out.  I am way too drained for that.  Especially when it’s Zito’s-very-important-nah-it’s-just-Spring-Training-people start.   Thankfully, it was a good, good game.

The freakyness was, of course, saved for yesterday.  Which I missed due to being secluded in a place with encrypted Wi-Fi (who came up with the idea of encrypting Wi-Fi, by the way?  I will find them, someday.  Give them a little piece of my mind and a Toyota.  Which is such a passé joke.)   But it sounds like it was rather dismal.

In better news, it’s reported that Cain threw today and yesterday and felt no pain which is enough to erase any memory of yesterday’s box score.  It doesn’t really matter what games anyone loses on March 5th.  But if Matt Cain is healthy and ready to go in a few weeks, that’s huge.

Have a lovely afternoon, world.

Diamond Girl

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My 100th Post: Feat. Jon Daniels Extension, Ryan Braun’s Graffito and Billy Beane’s Burberry Scarf

It’s not even over yet, but today has been a really good day.  Topped off by the fact that I logged in to post this and saw that I have 99 posts.  Meaning this is the 100th.  (Fittingly, perhaps, MLBlogs is being a little odd.  Bear with me and the strange spacing.)  Wow.  I never really thought I would get as into this as I have, but I love every moment of it.  Thank you all for reading some (maybe even all?) of my 100 posts.  5 Other Great Things That Have Happened Today:

5.  The Rangers agreed to a four year extension with GM Jon Daniels.  I hugged everyone in the immediate vicinity when I read the news.


Thumbnail image for jon daniels2.jpg

4.  Someone brought my attention to this cover story from M Magazine, 12 of Milwaukee’s Most Interesting Men“.  It alerted me to the (much-needed) re-name of Ryan Braun’s restaurant, from Ryan Braun’s Waterfront Restaurant to Ryan Braun’s Graffito (did you snicker when you read that?  I did too).  I really want go to Milwaukee now.  Maybe I could squeeze it in on my Detroit-pride trip?

Braun- M magazine.jpg

3.  There has been no uncomfortable Zito news today.  The #75 storm is blowing over, people.  Blowing over.


2.  Matt Cain is planning to throw tomorrow.  I am channeling every bit of positive energy I have to him (and that’s a lot, because this is, of course, a really good day).  And Brandon Belt.  Brandon Belt.  He doesn’t need any positive energy, I guess.  No belting it out jokes, please.



1.Go check out the Giants box score.  Just go check it score.PNG

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Billy Beane has a Burberry scarf?  I Googled that and realized it’s old news but he is on track to unseat Daniels as best-dressed GM unless Jon can produce some designer items of him own.   


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Why I Don’t Buy the Zito Article and What I Would Do If I Were Sitting Five Rows Away from Dave Dombrowski

As if John Galliano and Charlie Sheen (sorry.   I promised myself to be the only blog in blogosphere not to mention him.  But I just had to.) aren’t enough, Coco Crisp was arrested early this morning from driving under the influence.  I was, of course, sad to hear it.  I’m not particularly a fan of his, but I do follow him on Twitter which, in a bizarre way, makes me feel like I know him.  This isn’t incredibly rare at Spring Training.  Just sad.


I would also like to say that although I have the utmost respect for Bruce Jenkins, his story from this morning seems really, really iffy.  “A source close to the team indicated Tuesday that there is ‘exasperation’ with Zito, that his status as the No. 5 starter is ‘”definitely not safe.'”  What does that even mean?  Source close to the team?  Indicated?  I have no doubt the Giants are exploring options and don’t necessarily want Zito around, but I really doubt anyone in the organization told Jenkins that.  The story was just to stir up interest and, of course, page hits (hey, I just liked to it above).  The closed door meeting with Bochy and Zito probably was a little tense, because it’s not a fun situation for anyone.  But it seems Zito is trying to do this with a good attitude and is working hard and all parties involved are trying to stop this from getting ugly.


At least the socks are brighter than ever.

Honestly, maybe it would be best for Zito to leave the Giants.  A change of scenery might be a godsend.  But either way, it’s really, really too early judge Barry 2011.

Let’s end on a happier note by just saying that if I could sit five rows away from Dave Dombrowski , I would faint.  Or I might just go up to him and tell him he should have sent Galarraga to the Giants, not the Diamondbacks.


Diamond Girl


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