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The Rangers Sound Like Foster Children

Well.  That was depressing.

First the earthquake and tsunamis.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

And then this article.

David Murphy: “I know for the time Chuck was here, he was an awesome guy. He seemed like he was steering in the right direction… it has been a constant revolving door around here. We’re used to people coming and going.”

Ian Kinsler: “Chuck was a great guy from the times that I talked to him. It seemed like he had some good ideas.  Other than that, I don’t know what happened.”

Michael Young: “I like Chuck.  Chuck is a good guy. Apart from that I don’t have anything to say.”

Jon Daniels: “Nothing has changed.”


We all like Chuck.

Chuck is a great guy.

We all have nothing else to say.

He was the coolest CEO around.  He answered his fans on Twitter.  Heck, he had a Twitter at all.

But we are used to people coming and going.

And we have nothing else to say.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Guess who?  It actually took me a little while.  Hashtag: #badfacialhair.

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How to Make the MLB Dream Job a Real Dream for Chosen Person and Fans Alike


I’m going to be a li’l cynical about the MLB Dream Job right now.  You have been forewarned.  Read on at your own risk.  Fans say that MLB is going to announce the winner/person who got the job soon so I’m going to give my two cents on it.

mlb dream job.PNG

The description:  “which will cast one lucky fan to eat, sleep and live baseball for an entire season”.  Don’t we all live that dream job?  Real baseball fans do eat, sleep and live baseball for an entire season.  This is just getting paid for it.

And I’m a little confused by the whole concept.  I think it would make way more sense to cast 30 fans- one for each team- and since moving 30 people to New York is not really feasible they would each stay in their respective cities, getting a press pass or season tickets to their team’s games.  The MLB fan base is so diverse and I just don’t know how one fan could possibly write about 30 teams and appeal to even a fraction of the consumers. 

Nobody respects the national writers.  They respect the local writers.  Same in this case.  It would be an official fan blogger for each team.  With occasional MLB Network appearances via Skype or something.

The talent pool is rich, though.  I looked up “mlb dream job” on YouTube and while I only looked through a few video submissions, I saw a huge range of personalities and appeals and lots and lots of talent.  My personal favorite:

dream job.PNG

Isn’t he adorable?  In all of one minute and 59 seconds I am convinced he’s funny, engaging, comfortable in front of a camera and not self-conscious.  He deserves this one.  His song sounded a little Sing for the Moment to me and then I saw he tagged it Dream On, Aerosmith.  Duh, I guess.  He’s singing, not rapping.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am a very spoiled girl.  That is all.  Have a lovely evening.

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The Great “We” Debate & Worst Dressed of the Week in MLB

I am many things, but I am not a celebrity gossip person.  Who went to a playground with their kids and who held hands with who at what restaurant in Beverly Hills is of very little interest to me.  But the thing I do look at on gossip sites is the best and worst dressed of the week lists.  I love them. 

No one does them for baseball.

Which is sad.

Which is why I’m doing it.

This week, I found someone who might make the worst-dressed, and since he had a steady outing today, I don’t feel badly ripping his style:

barry zito shirt.jpg

There are a million things I respect about Barry Zito and this event he’s doing, but… plaid vests are only acceptable on 2 year old boys and maybe Tim McGraw.  It’s hard to tell with the colors in the photo, but it also looks like the shirt and the vest are two very different blues.  They clash.

Otherwise, who was the photographer?  I love the composition/colors.

And since this is my week to talk about things other baseball fans may hate me for, let’s tackle the great “we” debate.  That is, people who say, “we won”.  “We scored three runs”.  “We shouldn’t have played that badly”.  Fans who say that, rather.

When I started blogging I did it too, because it’s the way I talked, like most fans.  But on paper (screen) it started to bother me.   Despite what “Together, We’re Giant” might imply, we’re fans, not players.  I am possessive of my team, but I am not a part of it.  They’re my team, but they played well. 

So I try not to use the “we”.  I slip.  I do.  Which means you are not allowed to slam me in the comments if I do it next post.

Diamond Girl


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Why Do Heels at Baseball Games Get Such a Bad Rap? And Why Are Fans So Distrustful of Each Other’s Fandom?

Andrew Baggarly said it best:  “Giants lose 1-0 to Seattle. Let’s take that 2:28 game time and stick it in the Xerox machine.”   ‘Nuff said about today’s game.  Why is there so much interleague play in Spring Training, anyway?

On another note… it’s International Women’s Day.  I don’t really know why women need a day (isn’t every day sort of International Women’s Day?), but I hope you are all enjoying it.

I actually started writing this before I saw what day it is but now it seems even more relevant.  Why do high heels at baseball games get such a bad rap?

Reasons I Have Read:

*You can’t walk up flights of stairs in them

*They get dirty

*They look trashy

*You’re just doing it to get attention

*And mostly, you couldn’t be a real baseball fan

Those are all false/not good reasons to give ‘em a bad rap.

*You can’t walk up flights of stairs in them

Well, yes, actually, I can.

*They get dirty

Yes, they do.  I ruined a pair of white shoes when someone spilled Coke on them at Dodger stadium.  But that happens at parties too.  Occupational hazard of wearing clothes or shoes is that they will get wear and tear.

*They look trashy

That depends on the heels.  Not all heels are trashy.

*You’re just doing it to get attention

I think we all dress to get attention, subconsciously.  I think I dress to look nice.  But yes, there is an attention thing in there somewhere.

*And mostly, you couldn’t be a real baseball fan

And why not?  Just because some people like wearing a giant team sweatshirt and 100 year old sneakers doesn’t make them a real fan.  If I wear a trench and scarf and skirt and heels, that doesn’t make me a real fan.  But it doesn’t make me a fake fan either.  It’s not really about the clothes at all. The fact is that I am not a tomboy and I never have been.  I have always been a formal dresser and I like heels 365 days a year.  So will I wear that to a baseball game?  Yes.  That implies nothing about my level of interest of understanding of the game. 

I would also just like to say that women who brag that they can talk stats as much as any man drive me crazy.  If you can, all the power to you.  I just don’t think it needs to be relative.  Some women like baseball, some men like baseball.  Some women don’t like baseball, some men don’t like baseball.  Personally, plenty of women and man can out-stat me.  But I live and breathe and eat baseball (You know.  Not literally.  Do you know what those things are made of?) and I love learning about it.  That’s the kind of fan that I am.

The bottom line is that fans are fans.  We all like different things about the game.  We all dress differently.  I wish fans could be a little more comfortable with that.  It’s 2011, beautiful people.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinions on this.  The questions in the title are really questions.  Those are just my two cents.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Disclaimer: The only thing this does not apply to is people who call AT&T Park Pacbell Park.  You are a certified fake fan (not to mention – sorry but it’s true -a  moron) if you call it that.


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5 Reasons A Team Needs to Sign Michael $chlact, Even Minus Dollar Sign

When it comes to Rangers vs. Giants, my loyalties are a little complicated.  This, you know about me.

I am not exactly looking forward to today’s game.  Who do I root for?  Then again, my two teams in one place?  My ears and eyes on one game?  That’s magic.

Now seems like a fitting time to make a player pitch (no pun intended.  Seriously.)  I don’t think any General Managers read this blog but hey, you never know.  And if any do stumble across it, it can’t hurt to give them a little wake-up call about the missing link on their team.  Two words:

Michael Schlact.

Why you (the GM’s) might ask?

5 Reasons You Should Sign Him:

5.  Picture him standing next to me.  Just picture it.  That’s 6″7 versus 5″1.

4.  He’d provide your team with a giant positive PR hurricane.  He runs Inspirational Quotes/Friendly Ball Player Reponses 101 over on Twitter.

3.  He’s also the funniest guy since the creation of micro-blogging.  “You know why KE$HA is cool? Cause she has a dollar sign in her name. That’s what I need. Michael $chlact.”

2.  It is so 2000’s to judge a pitcher on his shoulder/elbow surgery.  It’s hip and cool and 2011 to realize plenty of them come back from that.  (Being hip and cool is obviously a convincing factor for General Managers.)

1.  He is 110% committed to any team who will give him a chance.  Even if you don’t know it yet, you need him around.  And while you’re at it, follow him on Twitter at @Michael_Schlact.

By the way… I just realized that Opening Day is this month.  Wow.   Wow referring to the fact that it is and that I just noticed it.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  There are so many things that crack me up about CJ Wilson’s blog header.  Particularly the “2008, a whole new year” and the “how to pitch to Guerrero thing”.  I guess he does need to pitch to Guerrero now.  But he didn’t last year.  I am a teen and all, but baseball moves too fast for my brain.

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