The Exhibition Game With 39,000 In Attendance

No, I wasn’t the girl going up the escalator in the seventh with cinnamon roasted almonds in my hand and tears in my eyes.

Okay, fine.  I was.

Let’s just say I was really happy to be back.  As were 39,000 other people.  39,000 people at an exhibition game.  That’s sort of a lot.  It didn’t seem that full when I was sitting down, but when I walked around, it was a madhouse.  And I can’t even count how many people walked into me.  I’m not that short.  I don’t get why people walk into me.

Emily with nuts.PNG

If it looks like I think am in an Arctic Winter to you, you are absolutely right.  It was freezing cold.  I am now cured of my wanting those nuts ever again.  Craving is gone.  They were, uh, fine.  Just fine.  And yes, I had almonds.  Because they were out of walnuts.  What else is new?

Right.  Exhibition game.  It wasn’t that different from a regular game except the players were wearing their Spring Training jerseys and there were no photos on the scoreboard.


That was weird.  It felt vaguely like they were just doing that to remind you it wasn’t a regular season game.  But maybe there was a good reason.  The real reminder that it was March 28th was the fielding.  The hitting and pitching on both teams was basically really good, but nobody could field.  There were no errors but a lot of sloppiness.

And the moment when Tejada and Sandoval ran out into shallow left to try and catch a ball and Burrell just stood there with a “battle it out, brothers” look on his face.  Nobody caught it.  That was one pitch after the exact same thing happened in right.

It was a really good game and a good night.  Now if you’ll excuse me… I’d better go do some Normal Person stuff before heading over to the Coliseum later this afternoon.  It’s Zito vs. Gonzales.   I. Am. So. Excited.


Isn’t that most beautiful view?

Diamond Girl


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3 responses to “The Exhibition Game With 39,000 In Attendance

  1. seedboy

    As you may know, when the Dodgers first moved to Los Angeles they played in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It was built for the 1932 Olympics and currently is home of the USC college football team.
    In the winter of 1958 Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella was rendered a paraplegic. The spring of 1959, the Dodgers and Yankees played an exhibition game at the Coliseum. 93,103 fans attended.
    In 2008, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dodgers baseball in Los Angeles, the Dodgers and Red Sox played an exhibition in the Coliseum. It drew 115,300 fans. Tickets sold out in one hour.
    Here is a photo showing the configuration
    The left field fence was something like 225 feet from home plate. As I recall, one oddity about this game was that there really was not a left fielder, the fence was so close. The left fielder played the left-center gap and center fielder Andruw Jones played so shallow in center field that he actually took the throw on a stolen base attempt.
    Maybe we’ll see you in Oakland tonight.


    OMg you are too cute and how much fun!! Here is my post on spring training ans Ziot’s new mustache – I thought you might enjoy it =)
    Amber’s Notebook


    Omg you are too cute!! Isn’t this time of year the best?? So many games to look forward too!! Love the blog and I thought you might enjoy my post on spring training and zito and his new mustache.
    Amber’s Notebook

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