Give Me Your Money And I’ll Give You Free Chocolate. This Is Not Spam.

Yes.  I am asking for your money.  No, not for me.  I wouldn’t make my greed that obvious. It’s for a really great cause.  Allow me to explain.

My 14th birthday is 13 days from now, so yesterday I launched this project, Raise the Bar 14, which is supposed to raise awareness about slave and child labor on cocoa farms.  For the two weeks leading up to my birthday, I’m going to be posting information and interactive stuff at the website, 

The whole time, I’m asking people to donate $14 and I’ll donate all the money at the end to the Not For Sale Campaign.  If you donate, I’ll send you a bar of Fair Trade chocolate.  And I tasted lots and lots of brands to decide which was the best to send to y’all.  See, I have a rough life.

So it’s really simple.  Just send me a PayPal payment (email address on the About page of the blog) and I will love you forever and tell everyone that you are a superhero (you can specify what superhero power you want me to describe you with in the comments).  That’s a promise.

Not coincidentally, Not For Sale is a cause that Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt is very involved with.  I discovered the organization about a year ago through him and have been really impressed by the way they approach the issue.  It’s pretty eye-opening.

If you aren’t able to donate, I hope you’ll still read up on the subject and tell your friends about it.  Awareness is huge, here.

As is the fact that I am offering you a free bar of chocolate.  I’m not really impartial here or anything, but I think that’s pretty irresistible.

Diamond Girl

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