5 Possible Career Options for Bud Selig, the Lord of the Fly Balls

Today wasn’t a good day in Giants news.  Wilson is behind in oblique recovery, Ross is hurt and Cain had an, ahem, tough outing.  People are calling this the Dog Days of spring and that’s slightly comforting.  Nobody does well in August.  Deep breathes.  Deep breathes.

I read yesterday about Selig’s impending (after the 2012 season) retirement.  I think I had heard about it before, but him talking about post commissioner career plans kind of made it sink in for me.  I mean, firstly, how can you follow up a job like the one he has right now?  And secondly…. teacher of sports in modern society (since when is that even a subject) at UW?   Really?  I have some better ideas.

Face of Budweiser        



Inspirational Speaker for the Milwaukee Brewers

‘Cause they probably could use one, what with the Brewer after Brewer going down from mysterious or not so mysterious ailments.  And he seems to love everything about the Brewers, so…

Writer of Nasty Books

It’s a favorite occupation of people after they retire.  Selig could to it too.  I bet it would be a best-seller.  Name ideas:

*The Selig Files

*The Brewer Years

*50(110) Days of Bud

*The Lord of the Leagues

*The Lord of the Fly Balls


Wouldn’t that be a great publicity stunt?  If he retired from being commissioner and became a left-fielder or something? 


There seems to be a lot of doubt about him actually retiring.  Deservedly.  So I figured that should be on the list as a possibility.  If he does stick around, we might end up with apocalyptic events like expanded playoffs or instant replay.  And it would be 2012, after all.  I vote for him retiring.

Any other career ideas, people?

Diamond Girl

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One response to “5 Possible Career Options for Bud Selig, the Lord of the Fly Balls

  1. pgordis@comcast.net

    Great retirement plans for old Bud, Diamond Girl! If those endorsement opportunities fall through, I was thinking of another potential intoxicant with deep pockets. Imagine Bud Selig promoting medical marijuana dispenseries in a “THIS BUD’S FOR YOU!” campaign. In German, the word “Selig” means blessed in the religious sense or generally blissful or overjoyed. In Germany, he could promote his own matress line with the tagline: Selig Schlafen [to sleep blissfully]

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