I Am Really Mad at Gameday Right Now.

I am really mad at Gameday right now.

They had the nerve to tell me that Eugenio Velez hit a home run when he came up in the ninth inning for the Dodgers against the Giants and therefore created a complex mental quandary for me.  In the end, I cheered.  Only to be told that Gameday was mistaken and it was not, in fact, Velez who hit the home run.  It was Xavier Paul.

Are you kidding me?

xavier paul.jpg

They look nothing alike.  Maybe the people who do Gameday need glasses.  I read this weird article in Teen Vogue with the headline “These frames will have girls everywhere wishing they’d fail their eye exams!”  Yeah.  It was weird.  But I do have some glasses suggestions for them if they do indeed fail the eye exam that should be required after this inexcusable mistake.


Rant done.

Velez does look better in blue, I have to admit though.  It suits his complexion.

Thumbnail image for velez.jpg

Judge for yourself.

Now I’m getting nostalgic about him.  Remember his walk-off grand slam in the 12th for the Grizzlies?  Watch it here.  Goosebumps.

Better end this post sooner rather than later.  Hats off to Ichiro for making a bigger donation than Sandra Bullock.  That’s class, right there.

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “I Am Really Mad at Gameday Right Now.

  1. raysrenegade

    Ichiro giving almost $ 1.25 million is an inspiration. But the bigger picture is he is helping the people and culture he treasured as a youth, and hopes it can make some dent in the tragic events that still are unfolding daily.
    Great that he remembers not only where he came from, but that he gives of himself so freely. I suspect if it was not Spring Training, he would be near ground zero doing what he could for his fellow countrymen and women.
    That to me is what a role model does…..

    By the way, the gameday guys are having their own “Spring Training error fests”. They did the same down here in a game recently with the Rays by mis-identifying a player with a number like a wide reciever….But it is also Spring Training for them…Hope they get it right in 2 weeks!

    Rays Renegade

  2. seedboy

    Hard to imagine confusing these two men. Paul is also taller and wider than the slim and average sized Velez.

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