The Great “We” Debate & Worst Dressed of the Week in MLB

I am many things, but I am not a celebrity gossip person.  Who went to a playground with their kids and who held hands with who at what restaurant in Beverly Hills is of very little interest to me.  But the thing I do look at on gossip sites is the best and worst dressed of the week lists.  I love them. 

No one does them for baseball.

Which is sad.

Which is why I’m doing it.

This week, I found someone who might make the worst-dressed, and since he had a steady outing today, I don’t feel badly ripping his style:

barry zito shirt.jpg

There are a million things I respect about Barry Zito and this event he’s doing, but… plaid vests are only acceptable on 2 year old boys and maybe Tim McGraw.  It’s hard to tell with the colors in the photo, but it also looks like the shirt and the vest are two very different blues.  They clash.

Otherwise, who was the photographer?  I love the composition/colors.

And since this is my week to talk about things other baseball fans may hate me for, let’s tackle the great “we” debate.  That is, people who say, “we won”.  “We scored three runs”.  “We shouldn’t have played that badly”.  Fans who say that, rather.

When I started blogging I did it too, because it’s the way I talked, like most fans.  But on paper (screen) it started to bother me.   Despite what “Together, We’re Giant” might imply, we’re fans, not players.  I am possessive of my team, but I am not a part of it.  They’re my team, but they played well. 

So I try not to use the “we”.  I slip.  I do.  Which means you are not allowed to slam me in the comments if I do it next post.

Diamond Girl


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