Why Do Heels at Baseball Games Get Such a Bad Rap? And Why Are Fans So Distrustful of Each Other’s Fandom?

Andrew Baggarly said it best:  “Giants lose 1-0 to Seattle. Let’s take that 2:28 game time and stick it in the Xerox machine.”   ‘Nuff said about today’s game.  Why is there so much interleague play in Spring Training, anyway?

On another note… it’s International Women’s Day.  I don’t really know why women need a day (isn’t every day sort of International Women’s Day?), but I hope you are all enjoying it.

I actually started writing this before I saw what day it is but now it seems even more relevant.  Why do high heels at baseball games get such a bad rap?

Reasons I Have Read:

*You can’t walk up flights of stairs in them

*They get dirty

*They look trashy

*You’re just doing it to get attention

*And mostly, you couldn’t be a real baseball fan

Those are all false/not good reasons to give ‘em a bad rap.

*You can’t walk up flights of stairs in them

Well, yes, actually, I can.

*They get dirty

Yes, they do.  I ruined a pair of white shoes when someone spilled Coke on them at Dodger stadium.  But that happens at parties too.  Occupational hazard of wearing clothes or shoes is that they will get wear and tear.

*They look trashy

That depends on the heels.  Not all heels are trashy.

*You’re just doing it to get attention

I think we all dress to get attention, subconsciously.  I think I dress to look nice.  But yes, there is an attention thing in there somewhere.

*And mostly, you couldn’t be a real baseball fan

And why not?  Just because some people like wearing a giant team sweatshirt and 100 year old sneakers doesn’t make them a real fan.  If I wear a trench and scarf and skirt and heels, that doesn’t make me a real fan.  But it doesn’t make me a fake fan either.  It’s not really about the clothes at all. The fact is that I am not a tomboy and I never have been.  I have always been a formal dresser and I like heels 365 days a year.  So will I wear that to a baseball game?  Yes.  That implies nothing about my level of interest of understanding of the game. 

I would also just like to say that women who brag that they can talk stats as much as any man drive me crazy.  If you can, all the power to you.  I just don’t think it needs to be relative.  Some women like baseball, some men like baseball.  Some women don’t like baseball, some men don’t like baseball.  Personally, plenty of women and man can out-stat me.  But I live and breathe and eat baseball (You know.  Not literally.  Do you know what those things are made of?) and I love learning about it.  That’s the kind of fan that I am.

The bottom line is that fans are fans.  We all like different things about the game.  We all dress differently.  I wish fans could be a little more comfortable with that.  It’s 2011, beautiful people.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinions on this.  The questions in the title are really questions.  Those are just my two cents.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Disclaimer: The only thing this does not apply to is people who call AT&T Park Pacbell Park.  You are a certified fake fan (not to mention – sorry but it’s true -a  moron) if you call it that.


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3 responses to “Why Do Heels at Baseball Games Get Such a Bad Rap? And Why Are Fans So Distrustful of Each Other’s Fandom?

  1. wrigleyregular

    Well….. I certainly consider myself open minded, but I think I’ve thought a few of the things you’ve written about women in heels at games. Next time I think twice :)

  2. seedboy

    Diamond Girl:
    Many times over the years I have gone straight from work, wearing a suit and tie, to baseball games and other sporting events. Why change clothes if you are comfortable wearing what you are wearing? However, I have gotten a fair amount of unimaginative verbal abuse, mostly at Giants games, and mostly from poorly-dressed drunks.
    I will never forget I was at an As game in the late 1980s and then-TV reporter Leslie Griffith walked up the aisle next to me. She was wearing a nice dress about 4″ above the knee, stockings and very nice shoes. She looked even more beautiful in person than on TV. You just keep on dressing the way you want.

  3. Catherine

    I always say this, as a fellow female fan: If you want to judge me as a fan before talking to me, fine. We all stereotype. But if you talk to me, and see that I know and love the game, and still discount me because I am female? Well, then you’re just an idiot.

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