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Super Bowl Sunday? Nah. MLB Monday.


I crawled out of hibernation this morning and noticed a few things:

*It’s sunny.  And warm.  The sky is deep blue and cloudless.  Then I read that the Bay Area has some of the best weather in the country right now.


*The cherry trees are blooming

cherry blossoms.jpg

*I kind of want a Chrysler.  And I kind of want to move to Detroit.  Easy, I said, “kind of”.  As in “very sort of”.  No immenent (or Eminemt) plans right now or anything.


* Super Bowl Sunday is finito.


And that can all only mean one thing:

It’s MLB Monday.

You can whoop right about now.

We’ve have just about made it out of the offseason alive and I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Giant, sunny weather cheers!

::clinks orange juice glass::


Diamond Girl


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I’ve Always Disliked Zoos…

…and human zoos?  Well.  Those are the worst.


That is an SF Chronicle photo.  I told you it was a zoo.  Literally.  People behind bars.

I can’t personally testify though.  I had an unfortunate scheduling conflict which brought me into San Francisco, just a few miles away from the park but occupied me for most of the hours of FanFest.  I was planning to stop by and check it out for a few minutes, but as the day progressed I realized it wasn’t really a check-it-out situation.  As I listened to the radio driving in, I kept hearing, “if you are not already in line, do not come!  Repeat, do not come!”  And reading on Facebook afterwards there were a lot of people who waited for hours and didn’t get in or got in and were disappointed.  So I ate my avocado sandwich (avocado sandwiches are really good, for the record.  Really good.) on a bench and watched the parades of people and orange and black.  And later got to drive behind them on the freeway.  I might as well have been at the event.  I mean, I was there for the traffic.


Anyway.  If any of you were there, do share, beautiful people.  I am curious to hear some firsthand accounts.

Lastly, this post is for the guy with the Best Accent in Baseball.  He also cracked my Best Dressed MLB’er list, in this outfit.


I am still in shock about Andy Pettitte announcing his retirement.  He is one of the reasons I fell in love with the game of baseball and I will miss him- and yes, his accent- a lot.  Tipping my white beanie to him.

Diamond Girl


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My Night at the Staples Center & Things I Learned At My First Basketball Game

I’ve never been to a basketball game.  I went to my little brother’s rec league game once but the gym was dirty and I couldn’t bring myself to go back (nice supportive sister, I know).  But my grandfather here in Los Angeles has Clippers season tickets and invited my brother to go with him to a game.  I decided to tag along.  It was way, way fun.  We were ten rows back, close enough that we could hear them shouting and their shoes squeaking.


In front of Staples.PNG

My brother was showing Clippers pride.  My clothing was non-partisan.  The pictures with me in them are all a little odd because I am the only person in my family who knows how to use our camera.  Fail.

I ended up rooting for the Bucks because they’re from Milwaukee and I have Brewer sympathies and because they looked sort of dismal and I felt badly for them.

So.  Things I Learned At My First Basketball Game

*It smells like room freshener.  Or maybe it’s just some gross perfume that is trendy in LA right now that everyone was wearing. 

*There are evil guys in suits who sit on the sidelines.  They are plotting against you.  Beware.


*They can turn the lights out.  That. Is. So. Freaky.


*The cheerleaders- excuse me, dancers- change outfits a tremendous amount.  Is the person who planned their routines schizophrenic or something?

*The Staples Center seemed much more enthusiastic about the Lakers than the Clippers.   Understandably so.


*But they do adore Blake Griffin.  That is understandable too.

blake griffin.jpg

*And they seem to adore knocking over Carlos Delfino.  He must have gotten knocked to the ground five or six times.  He is my new favorite player.  Poor guy.

carlos delfino.jpg

Seeing all those fans, so into their team made me miss my team all the more.  Baseball season is coming, but not soon enough!

Thumbnail image for Emily.PNG

Final score: Clippers, 105, Bucks, 98.  And no, I do not bring Milwaukee teams bad luck when I go root for them.  Just to clear that up.


Diamond Girl

p.s.  It’s sunny here.  And there are lots of pools.  Sorry, people in monster storms.


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